«Oksamyt» – the brave, modem project

2-1  In early October, the significant event happened in the lives of Ukrainian: the presentation of All-Ukrainian socio-political magazine «Oksamyt». This was not just event, where participants had an opportunity for new contacts and communication, this was meeting of like-minded people, which respect Ukrainian tradition, care for the fate of our country, live its problems and do their best for the development of Ukraine…

2-1   In early October, the significant event happened in the lives of Ukrainian: the presentation of All-Ukrainian socio-political magazine «Oksamyt». This was not just event, where participants had an opportunity for new contacts and communication, this was meeting of like-minded people, which respect Ukrainian tradition, care for the fate of our country, live its problems and do their best for the development of Ukraine.
     In the lobby of wonderful country complex «Grand Admiral Club» girls in national costumes hospitably met guests, video and photojournalists were working, pleasant music sounded above a large banquet hall – all this created the atmosphere of solemnity and pleasant excitement of holiday.
In addition, pleasant surprise waited for guests: exhibitions of masters of folk handicrafts. Exhibition of embroidery of master Halyna Voloshchuk from Bucha mesmerized with skillful creation: amazing talent of a young woman to carry indescribable beauty of Ukrainian colouring through the richness of colors and patterns. Everyone wanted to try on this talisman of family happiness, because Ukrainian embroidery today – one of the few world-famous national brands.
    Not less fascination in the audience aroused master-class of famous in Ukraine and abroad potter, connoisseur of Trypillia handicrafts Vitaliy Kytvk from Rzhyschev. All watched with amazement as thanks to skillful hands of master masterpiece made of clay was born, which fascinated with its elegance and magic. Everyone could try to create by his own hands a jar or mug from ecologically clean clay, getting unbelievable enjoyment during this. It is rightly said that the word “potter”is derived from «furnace» and «magic» – one that fascinates the furnace!
    No one was left indifferent to the pictures of Ukrainian artist Oleksandra Borovikova, which transferred guests to the historical centrc of Kyiv and its suburbs, shining with velvet of autumn, sparkled with snowy winter landscapes. Everyone, who stopped before them, expressing his admiration to the painter, couldn’t to feel that positive charge of energy, which the author of pictures shared with all of connoisseur of art creativity.
    Viewing of compositions of exhibition, acquaintance and communication of guests, genuine warm smile of the chief editor and cofoundcr of All-Ukrainian socio-political magazine “Oksamyt”, member of the National union of journalists of Ukraine, Honorable Worker of State Tax Servicc of Ukraine Tamara Markclova immediately set the mood of the whole event – exciting and festive.
     In such relaxed and friendly manner began the evening from welcome word of the chief editor: «Magazine «Oksamyt» – edition for all, who wholeheartedly love Ukraine, who want to change its destiny for better. We see our mission in leading the work of our edition stuff on protection of all Ukrainian: history, traditions, language, culture, national dignity, protection of future. Our magazine came into the world with such high thoughts. Mass media have significant impact on formation of public opinion. The more person knows about what has been done, he has the greater power to see what to do the next», – said Mrs Tamara. 2-2
    Many respcctcd and well-known people came to the presentation, among them: Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Palestine in Ukraine Mohammed Qassim Al-Asaad, the Consul of Plurinational State of Bolivia in Ukraine Vladimir Tordoya Jose Rojas, president of Ukrainian Association of Publishers and Booksellers, consultant of Committee of Supreme Council of Ukraine of questions of culture and spirituality Oleksandr Afonin, Secretary of the Union of Writers by work with young authors, writer, social activist Serhiy Pantyuk, mayor of Zhytomyr Volodymyr Debov, medical director, honored doctor of Ukraine, academician of the Academy of Higher Education of Ukraine, doctor of medical sciences, professor Valentyn Pariv, rector of European University, professor, honored worker of Education of Ukraine, Chairman of Association of privately owned educational institutions of Ukraine Ivan Tvmoshenko and many other guests of honour of the festivity – heroes of pages of the first edition, colleagues-journalists, publishers, friends.
Invited to take a word Mayor of Zhytomyr Volodymyr Deboy emphasized the importance and actuality of ongoing projects: «On the modern stage of development of our country to start something new is difficult. Moreover, with its content, theme and language -edition is brave modern project. Indeed, it is no secret for anybody, that struggle for the formation of our country is still ongoing and the main defensive weapon is language.»
    Wishing the editorial staff of magazine «Oksamyt» new creative upward flights, Volodymyr Deboy expressed confidcnce in further fruitful cooperation with edition and Zhytomyr City Council: «1 am extremely pleased that among 459 citics in our country Zhytomyr became the first hero of the category «Life of country».
Wasn’t able not to congratulate magazine «Oksamyt» with publication man of art, with whom the best pages of Ukrainian word on the native stage arc connccted – Hero of Ukraine,             People’s Artist of Ukraine, laureate of T. H Shevchcnko National Prize Anatolv Pala-marenko. All his creativity is permeated with spirit of patriotism, artworks in his performing are filling soul with pride for legendary past of our Motherland and with hope for the great future! Exactly such feelings were stirred up by reciting of works of T. H. Shevchcnko and P. P. Glazovy by the great master, touching secret strains of human soul and rousing spark of freedom and pride for Ukrainian people in the hearts of guests.
    And when on the scene appeared People’s Artist of Ukraine Gurban Abasov, whose incomparable voice fascinated with its high bright timbre, all who present was once again convinced: Ukrainian or Azerbaijan song – tender heart of people, their soul!
2-3    Guests of the event greeted with wild applause Honored Artist of Ukraine, violinist Kyryl Stetsenko, whose masterly performance captivated all viewers was distinguished with artistic temperament, skills, genre and stylistic sensivity. Kyryl Stetsenko – violinist, composer, director, producer and pedagogue, person, who cares for the future of Ukraine. He introduced and brought to life the cultural project of European integration of Ukraine. To International Day of Music presented a program called «Music of EU» – action that aims at combining imaginative beauty of music of the EU with potential symbolic action in Ukraine.     According the words of Mr. Stetsenko, our country is going through one of the most dramatical periods of its recent history. The question of signing the Association Agreement with EU is decided now.
    «I am pleased that the first edition of «Oksamyt» raised the issue of European integration. This is a proof that publication – independent, neutral, and its own opinion, I am sure, that it has great prospects for the future!» – Kyryl Stetsenko is determined.
    All guests enjoyed the inflammatory play of youth quartet «Flirt», music of which inspired with novelty and amazed with skillful performing. Though, despite such coquettish, playful title, boys are just learning to flirt with the audience – first through music – first of all through music, modern interpretation of classical works. Each of the participants so far harbored tender childhood dream – to play in the ensemble. And they went with small steps towards it. And it had no strength to resist. At first there were only two – Yuriy Salukha (playing on the violin) and Roman Voronka (on accordion). Later joined Scrhiy Shamrai (also accordion) and Dcnys Stefanko (contrabass). And classical music lay on the souls the best. Work of Argentinean Astor Piazzolla «Tango. Aroma of woman» was enveloped in performing of the band. Thus boys have rather rich repertoire – jazz, musette, tango, folk, classics arc sounding in their multifaceted manifestations: tenderly, effectively, and daintily and thick in the same time.
    Participants of the quartet «Flirt» expressed their admiration by organization of the event and the idea of launching of publication of the edition «Oksamyt». «We arc pleased to be invited to the presentation of magazine «Oksamyt». Indeed, as representatives of young generation we understand, that without our history, culture, language will be no future for our country. And magazine «Oksamyt» is the informational carrier, which is rightly called native, which is bringing Ukrainian spirit in itself, indeed on its pages are stories, which arc opening beauty and fullness of life of Ukrainians», – pointed Serhiy.
     Show of fashionable collection «Flower fairytale» from Dc-sign-Studio of Oksana Polonets was incredibly beautiful, therefore caused the visitors presentation real storm of emotions! Dresses in ethno-style opened the whole image of Ukrainian woman: truly unique, spectacular and exciting!
     Masters of Style Studio of Svitlana Medvedeva completed this image – professional make-up and hairdos from them were simply superb!
    Drawing of the festive lottery, which was conducted by leader of presentation, chicf-cditor of magazine «Oksamyt» Yaroslava Zhuravel and general director of television studio «Economical Journal» Volodymyr HutsuL made its winners glad. Indeed, valuable gifts were drawing from partners of the magazine «Oksamyt»: Center of culture and history of the Ancient Rus «Park Kyiv Rus», law firm «Prestige», Ukrainian artist Oleksandr Borovikov, travel agency «Okasamyt Tour» Zhytomyr, company «GolfStream management» and the host of holiday – magazine «Oksamyt».
    The representative of «Park Kyiv Rus», director of charitable organization «Slavic Fund» Lyudmila Novytska said greeting words from the name of partners. Specifically, Mrs. Novytska expressed sincere admiration because of birth of the new edition with the patriotic mood, emphasized the fact that such capacitance, substantive, information-rich publication about «Park Kyiv Rus» in the section «Personalities» of magazine «Oksamyt», apparently, was not in any edition.
     At the end of the event edition stuff of the magazine «Oksamyt» and its guests were greeted by Ukrainian singer, owner of the «Golden Star» Alia Pugachova and the Order of Saint Stanislaus, the president of her own charitable foundation – Natalia Valevska. Her incendiary songs and charismatic character forced the visitors move to the beat tunes while enjoying a beautiful voice, exquisite looks and boundless positive energy of singer. Natalia congratulated magazine «Oksamyt» and thanked for hospitable reception and everyone to her anniversary concert to be held in December this year.
    During the evening all guests expressed sincere admiration by the first edition of the magazine «Oksamyt», spoke about its versatility, breadth of creative range, originality, impartiality and mission to educate and cultivate spiritual readers the best spiritual qualities and thinking of state formation.
     Chief editor Tamara Markуlova, sincerely thanking guests for having shared the holiday has expressed confidence that the magazine «Oksamyt» would have noble happy creative life!

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