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81Two years ago died famous designer Mykhailo Voronin. Manage fashion «liner» named «Voronin» became the daughter Larysa, who has assumed a great responsibility not only for his father’s business the most famous and favorite Ukrainian brand, but also for the destiny of several thousand strong workforce.
About that how lives the brand «Voronin» without M. Voronin the chief editor of «Oksamyt» Tamara Markelova learned by talking with the director of the fashion house «Voronin» Larysa Voronina…

81Two years ago died famous designer Mykhailo Voronin. Manage fashion «liner» named «Voronin» became the daughter Larysa, who has assumed a great responsibility not only for his father’s business the most famous and favorite Ukrainian brand, but also for the destiny of several thousand strong workforce.
About that how lives the brand «Voronin» without M. Voronin the chief editor of «Oksamyt» Tamara Markelova learned by talking with the director of the fashion house «Voronin» Larysa Voronina.
«Oksamyt»: Time zips along, so what was possible to do in the last two years?
Larysa Voronina: – The most important is that brand «Voronin» continues live and embody the idea of mass production the fashion clothes. We have not lost any expert, developed during this period 44 new models that have completely changed and extended the cloth assortment and related products, created the youth line. We have our feet on the ground supported by tradition and high holding brand «Voronin2, we derive a brand on a qualitative new modern level.
O: Tell us please about the history of brand creation «Voronin».
L.V: Mykhailo Voronin was born in the days of the war years. The family was poor and in his childhood and youth he had no any privileges, so stood on a feet Mykhailo Voronin made independent. How he got into the profession? Accidental. First, entered the Artillery School, but it was disbanded and mother advised her son to learn fitter in vocational school of machinist. So, thanks for mother’s ability Ukraine got great master Mykhailo Voronin. Business began with a small studio, which later expanded and grew. Talent combined with a natural sense of taste, style, proportion, and most importantly – the attention and respect to customers, did the trick. He always planned, nurtured bold ideas, searching for entirely new design solutions. Thus was born a unique invention that gained worldwide recognition – a mock – waistcoat method for tailoring a suit without fitting. At first Mykhailo Voronin had one brigade masters when clients become more – it needed the second, third. In turbulent 90s, years of total collapse of the political and economic system, he was offered a lead factory named Gorkogo. Light industry experienced a period of decline. Although plant and equipment were in good condition, but the enterprise had a huge debts and a complete absence of prospects for further development. First of all needed professional fashion-designer to make costumes that are manufactured in the factory were «wearable». And M. Voronin had already been wellknown name and reputation of high-class professional. When Mikhailo Lvovych led the factory, he started with, as say today, fully restarted production: assembled a team of like-minded people built new patterns, new materials purchased, and soon the only factory shop could not perform a number of orders. It was necessary to expand. First have organized Chamber of Commerce, then opened several stores in Kiev. He managed not only keep the existing assets, but much of their increase. Do not surrender to scrap equipment, do not expel the street team. Then the victory came. Today corporate network «Voronin» has 80 stores in Ukraine, the U.S., Europe, CIS countries. Products exported to 16 countries. It gradually created a great empire «Voronin», which is steadily moving into the future.
O.: – Who wears in suit from M. Voronin?
L.V.: – Mykhailo Voronin always had a lot of customers. The ability of Voronin was observed when he was still working fitter. Moreover, a perfect style was the most convincing advertising for metropolitan goldfinch. Already at that time wanting waited for six months, a year waiting in line to get the M. Voronin to clients
on tailoring a suit. And where are the customers for all the stores today? The answer is obvious: you just need to do the job well, i.e. professional. I have always advocated the fact that if everyone in their place did deal honestly and in good faith, it does not hurt to head, where will the customers. «If will be a good product, there will be customers!» the principle that is Fashion House «Voronin» are working. That is why more than half of men prefer Ukraine suit by M. Voronin. Among the clients – presidents, politicians, businessmen, sports stars and show business stars.
О.: What can you say about the competitiveness in this business?
L.V.: – Competitors are always. Moreover, a healthy competition should be required, it encourages work better stimulates the birth of new ideas and suggestions and introduces a new level of work. Give one example: our exclusive store, on the street. Chervonoarmiiska in Kyiv, located just in front of the store brand of foreign men ‘s clothing. We welcome healthy competition, because it will benefit the buyer. If he does not a suit to taste, then, of course, goes across the street and comes to us, and we, in turn, are ready to meet everyone in a good mood, quality offerings and a wide range of clothing. It fills with pride for domestic brands. Therefore, I believe that it is necessary not only to know the competition, what they emphasize their business, how they do it, but definitely try to do better.
О.: – In Fashion House «Voronin» сadres are a key to everything? What are the problems during the work?
L.V.: – Today the Fashion House «Voronin» employs about 2500 people. Directly at the factory 463 persons. I support that the best workerss – it is workers, «grown» in their team, they are reliable. Experienced professionals – the golden fund, which I really appreciate and cherish, not only share their professional experience, but also life, instill moral and spiritual qualities common to the younger generation. There are two issues – personnel and innovation. Chartered graduates of our universities have insufficient professional knowledge, in fact, they have to learn from «scratch». Also, unfortunately, most of them perceive life from the standpoint of today’s consumer. In addition, the times are changing, competitive environment can be as long as will be introduced innovative approaches from HR to technological process.
О.: – What is the secret of success?
L.V.: – The secret of success in the work. I am often asked: «How to raise person a good man?» – only hard work. Whereby biggest person are so much the more success can be achieved. I’m used to hearing question like, «Larysa Mykhailivno you ever sleep?». I sleep as much as my body needs to recover. Workaholics driven society. There’s also the secret of success – in the team of the same workaholics, such team can move mountains. There are a lot of ideas in your head, but if you do not work, do not make an effort to implement them – all of these ideas will remain non-incarnate. There is another factor – the presence ambitions. As distinguished from empty boasting the completely healthy ambition does not give people satisfied with what she has achieved. This stimulates her to active, further progress, development and self-improvement
О.: – Tell us about the pricing of your products?
L.V.: – Price policy differentiated and can satisfy all segments of our population. Now the brand «Voronin» has four lines of clothing. Each has its own corresponding price policy. The first line – «Voronin» Youth. It sews mainly from quality polyviscose cloths. Suits from thise cloth have good performance
properties, good clean and not as expensive as those from natural wool. Price absolutely available to graduates of schools, students, clerks, young managers.
Second line – «Voronin» Classics –it is the line of middle price level, but close to the youth. This proposition is for more adult people which rose to the highest level of professional career. Suits are made from made of woolen and half-woolen cloth. Line «Voronin» Exclusive – it is products from expensive natural cloths of the highest quality 100 % wool, or a generous admixture of bamboo, silk, with all sorts of new-fangled today which cannot even pronounce. Summer suits – flax variety of colors and different treatment methods. Even for the fall collection, for example, developed a good model for them and bought expensive corduroy and tweed in Germany, in Italy. We are confident that they will add fashion wardrobe of reputable clients.
The highest priced – a line «Voronin» De Luxe. Suits are sewed by the individual order with luxury, sometimes unique cloths of world’s leading brand. Handmade is used in manufacture. Products by the level of manufacture correspond to the model that we present on the podium. This line can be named «haute couture». There with, each model emphasizes the individuality of its owner. Of course, such products – the product is quite expensive, but there are clients who want to have it and can pay 8-10 thousand and get a unique, exclusive, created just for yourself suits.
О.: – Tell us about the new trends. What are the fashionable parts in classic image?
L.V.: – Classic business suit is still the main element of the wardrobe for a man in a business environment. However, along with the elegant conservative dress code, and it inclines to fashion trends. In this season, the focus is directed at the color and quality of cloth. And also the ability to using accessories to create different images based on the basic model. As a rule, for tailoring of such product are used only monochromatic cloth or alternatively, the material of the subtle pattern. That particular makes it possible to select profitable addition. So the youth trend – a bright shade of blue classic. We pay attention on details – the «eye» jacket lapel executed decorative stitching bright color, the same element is repeated on the sleeves. Pants can be as narrow as classical. But shirt changed its color direction. Considered fashionable shirts with bright cloths. Young and determined man finds the request contrasting mix of suits and shirts in stripes or checks. For the record that Mykhailo Voronin often said: «I try to support the men’s pursuit to the classics, namely it more in line with its true image, the image of man, busy affair». This principle always holds

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