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  Unfortunately, declared by the Constitution of Ukraine to every citizen the right to health protection, medical care and medical insurance (article 49), doesn’t guarantee us protection against medical mistakes, counterfeit drugs of low quality, doesn’t provide timely and the emergency medical aid, free treatment available for everybody… Today health of citizens stopped being property of the state. Therefore, it is quite natural that each person cares of himself and the relatives in all possible ways: treats with traditional methods, studies recipes of grandmother, tempers, or believe to psychics or advertising …

   Unfortunately, declared by the Constitution of Ukraine to every citizen the right to health protection, medical care and medical insurance (article 49), doesn’t guarantee us protection against medical mistakes, counterfeit drugs of low quality, doesn’t provide timely and the emergency medical aid, free treatment available for everybody… Today health of citizens stopped being property of the state. Therefore, it is quite natural that each person cares of himself and the relatives in all possible ways: treats with traditional methods, studies recipes of grandmother, tempers, or believe to psychics or advertising …
Considering relevance of the subject, sincerely wishing health to the readers, staff of magazine «Oksamyt» on this occasion decided to do a good deed – to acquaint the audience with the author of unique methodology of «Passive underwater vertical spine extension», famous physician, physical therapist, head of medical- diagnostic department of «Clinical health resort «Zhovten»», the candidate of medical sciences, the associate professor of medical rehabilitation, physical therapy and sports medicine of P. L. Shupyk NMAPE Yuriy Ivanovych Andrijashek.

   It is not a secret, that health of person is influenced by a lot of factors: lifestyle, ecology, heredity, insufficient prevention of diseases, level of medical care, internal culture, etc.
However, the meaning of «health» should be regarded not as the constant, but as a condition of organism, which changes constantly. That’s why every person needs to look after health and maintain its physical, spiritual and psychological aspects.
   Today offer to talk about the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of people with diseases of the spine. There are many types of disorders, which cause back pain, including its variants, which are called mechanical and compression pains. Mechanical pains are usually results of traumas or degenerative processes affecting the intervertebral discs, joints, ligaments and muscles, compression – caused by compression of the nerve. Diseases of the spine, the main among which are osteochondrosis and radiculitis, are widespread among people of different age. At untimely treatment they quickly pass in chronic and can cause sharp pain syndrome and to essential limitation of mobility.
   The ancient Aesculapius believed that the spine – the basis of energy and vital forces of the person. Modern doctors know that spine – is a key for deprivation from diseases health of the whole body.
Among the forms of conservative treatment the spinal diseases – non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants, prescription analgesics, physiotherapy. Considering, that the feature of muscular-skeletal system of person is adapting to human bipedalism, in connection with which formed curves of the spine and foot were, I came to the conclusion, that simultaneously with these kinds of therapy can be used such method, as passive vertical traction of the spine using the weight of your own body.
   As a result of the researches conducted on the base of «Clinical health resort «Zhovten»», which is in Koncha-Zaspa in Kyiv, I offered the innovative method of the passive underwater vertical extension of the spine with help of aquatic gymnastic «AIREX» (Switzerland) in the form of aqua gymnastics with special exercises,which are made in the therapeutic swimming pools in deep water. This invention was patented (Patent №86729) and included to the he Register of branch innovations №114/33/10. It is important, that this method together with unloading and extraction of the spine provides strengthening of so-called «muscular corset of the spine», that encourages strengthening of the spine, counteracts the shift of intervertebral disks, that in whole improves the results of treatment, provides steady shown clinical effect.
Aquatic gymnastic «AIREX» – special swimming belt of appropriate size, which gently comfortably and reliably captures thoracic spine, that allows the patient to be in the upright position during all time, with shoulders and back on the surface, doesn’t prevent to breath freely, ensures the release and extraction of the lumbosacral spine. It successfully use in medical rehabilitation in Europe and USA. As all movements are carried out as in a state of weightlessness, the load on the spine and joints of legs is completely removed and the risk of receiving trauma decreases to zero. Without getting to the bottom of the swimming pool, patient carries out special aquagymnastical exercises directed on the unloading and strengthening of «a muscular corset of the spine».
   With aquatic gymnastic «AIREX» method significantly expands the circle of patients with complexity of the diagnosed diseases, age, allows feeling confident in «deep water» even to those, who cannot swim.      This method doesn’t apply freights for any other objects. Pulling and unloading of the spine is happening by the natural way
under weight of own body, excludes complications, and special exercises of aqua gymnastics provide passive underwater vertical extension of the spine.    Let’s consider in more details the separate factors, which are providing the medical effect of this method. According to the legend, beauty was born in water: Aphrodite emerged from the seafoam. In nature there is no stronger environment than water: seas, rivers, swimming pools, saunas, mineral baths, helping us to keep beauty and to strengthen health. Water is a physiological basis of the method. Water creates specific conditions during delivery of the treatment and adds relaxing impact on organism of the patient.
   Another important component of the method is the hydrostatic pressure. Hydrostatic pressure is the pressure, which is created by the weight of water at each point of submerged body and acts in all directions and in the direct ratio to the depth on which the body is submerged. Its impact on peripheral venous vessels has antiedematous action, eases the work of heart, improves peripheral circulation of blood, lymphatic drainage and accelerates venous outflow of blood in the lower extremities.
    With the help of mechanical action of artificially combined movements, performed in water in a suitable position, direction, with appropriate amplitude and speed, to the base of the therapeutic effect of the spine is laid the mechanism to reducing the pressure in the middle of the intervertebral disc. Extension leads to the decompression of nervous structures, improves circulation, reduces swelling, promotes the elimination of subluxations of the intervertebral joints.
   The temperature of water has also the great importance and is a factor in reducing pain, reflexive stimulation and spasticity of the muscles. Warm water of 28-30 degrees well relaxes muscles, reduces stiffness of the spine, improves range of motion, blood circulation and trophic of tissues, increases diastase between articular surface of disks.
According to Archimedes’ principle, to any body, immersed in a fluid, supporting power is acting, directed upwards, which is equal to the volume of fluid displaced by this body, that provides loss of body weight in the aquatic environment. So, the weight of any part of the body, submerged in the water is reduced to 9 /10. For example, a person weighing 100 kg in water weights only 10 kg! So, even old people who are overweight feel easy and comfortable in the water environment. This unique property of water has been successfully used to facilitate the free active movements of the spine and joints of the upper and lower extremities. Resistance of water, due to the friction with body, increases directly proportionally to the square of the velocity of aquagymnastics when it is used as a loading dose element to promote “muscular corset spine”. In such a way, during course of the treatment according to the information connected with body composition monitoring – muscles, body fat, viscera fat by Bioelectrical Impedance method by Body Composition Monitor OMRON-BF511” (Japan) increases the percentage of muscles of body and the content of fat decreases.
   Also back muscles, which support the spine, become considerably stronger, that is measured with the help of superficial EMG of low back muscles by device Nexus-10 (Holland). As we can see, control of a condition organisms of patients in «Clinical health resort «Zhovten»» is made with usage of modern methods.
   The vertical spine traction in the form of aquaticqymnastic with music – combination of pleasant with useful! One session lasts for 40-50 minutes that is longer than the similar procedure under load.
   But feelings after session are very pleasant – combination of ease and feeling of a body, so called «Muscular joy», as a result of which patients become confident in their own abilities on the road to health! The course of treatment is 8-12 sessions. As a rule, they are undertaking every other day. Undertaking of group sessions is possible, but with individual control of individual condition of each patient. Doing exercises under the guidance of the experienced instructor without the slightest effort adds mood, vitality, brings only pleasure increasing by always positive therapeutic effect.
    In addition, in the therapeutic swimming pool of sanatorium «Zhovten» in deep water is conducted another medical complex – aquaticqymnastic with water walkers «BURDENKO WATER WALKERS» (USA) in combination with aquatic gymnastic «AIREX» (Switzerland). Thanks to special exercises of aquaticqymnastic is going to strengthen leg muscle, to develop coordination and balance of body, necessary for the rehabilitation of patients after operations for replacement of large joints of the feet. In such a way, combination of academic and practical approaches makes it possible to achieve good results in restoring health and harmony of the body, greatly increases the effectiveness of sanatorium-resort treatment.
    In the contemporary world doctors stress more often the urgency of maintaining physical health and preventing diseases, rather than curing them. So, the team «Clinical health resort «Zhovten»» invites everyone at convenient time, being in the health resort permanently or on the outpatient basis, feeling effect from unique medical methods, the magnificent nature of the reserve «Koncha – Zaspa», favorable territorial arrangement within the capital.
    Yuriy Andrijashek, Candidate of Medical Sciences Victor (Kirovograd).
   Having chronic problems with spine disease, I know, inconveniences and physical pain are provoked by this illness. Repeatedly I put various methods of treatment into practice. While resting in the clinical health resort «Zhovten» visited the swimming pool and used the method of passive underwater vertical spine traction of the spine. After the second session felt response in the body – pain syndrome. Had a rest, making a one-day break. Completed full course and now I feel great. Pleased with the result, I am sure that this treatment can significantly improve the effectiveness of sanatoriumresort treatment in general.
    Yulia Kalyna – Ukrainian weight-lifter, the owner of a bronze medal of the Olympic Games of 2012 in London, the third prizewinner of the World Cup of 2009.
It is not secret, that weightlifters have big loads on back and waist. After competitions the course is surely necessary to be restored for the subsequent trainings and participation in competitions. Now I prepare to the next weightlifting tournament. I hope to take part in the competition properly. I passed 8 sessions by the method of passive underwater vertical spine traction with help of original Swiss aquatic gymnastic «AIREX». Already after the third session I felt better. Exactly this course was advised to me by the doctor of our national team.
Mykhailo (Ternopil Region) During session I liked very much to do different aquaticqymnastical exercises, especially «bicycle», «scissors», aqua jogging, circle turns to the right, to the left, etc. Back pains disappeared, there was an ease, confidence in the movements. Satisfied, that I passed course of rehabilitation with the help of method of passive underwater vertical spine traction with aquaticqymnastic «AIREX». I think, it would be good to repeat procedure in half a year to consolidate effect.

Yulia Kalyna

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