1-1    «Before going on a long journey — choose a cater-cousin» — so says the wise Ukrainian proverb. We have been looking closely at our cater-cousin named Europe for many years. And he has been looking at us too! And it still does not work to join hands and be equivalent associates and eventually friends in behalf of common future. Why is that so? Because only a third of Ukrainians consider themselves to be Europeans. But also understanding of their Europeanness of a small part of our compatriots is declarative and stagnant. And not to dive into the meanings of «top wars», which are continuing today in our government circles, it is necessary to understand just from what should integration in the European community begin.
     The first step is to overcome the historical inertia and fears that have arisen due to the long-term understanding of our humility, for what we are secondary, being only a part of a larger state, independently are not capable of anything. This mental lock corroded us for many years, and a true European doesn't have it. He is free, so he breathes deeply and lives life to the foil. And we are a powerful Ukrainian nation, we also can do that. We can do that even better!
The second step is to meet several key desires: to get rid of the illusiveness of all that concerns the organization of our life, to eradicate this shameful «it's none of my business» and feel responsibility to our own country. Only having changed slightly our character, we can develop Europeans inside us. Or just wake them up. After all, if you ask any resident of Paris, Geneva or Warsaw about his origin, there will be found an ancestor that lived in Ukraine, and I had Cossack roots.
Therefore, there is something to be proud of! And remember: being a European is a sign of inner freedom and the goals that it causes. And step into the future!

Tamara Markelova,
chief editor

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