1   Ukrainian people after long months of confrontation with the regime of Yanukovych emerged victorious. This is our first real victory. After the collapse of the Soviet Union had the opportunity to make a final choice, and for many reasons – did not work. Lulling apparent freedom we were amused to independence. Being 22 years under the colonial yoke of Moscow remained under the watchful eye of it. Kremlin educators generously shared with the newly born state «vaccine debilizmy», broadcasting a television show for the mentally retarded, throwing blunt literature, extruding pop, imposing Ukrainian town and village the Russian language.
    Bleeding spiritually destroy germs independence, though painful teen was tested Ukraine Orange Revolution.
    During the years of total corruption, injustice, humiliation country has grown hardened, matured, overcome discouragement and become an adult.
   The spirit of freedom, liberty, dignity and faith in the rebirth of the Ukrainian nation brought millions of Ukrainian Maidan. Ukraine has decided to withdraw from the care of ill powerful «host brother». And then it went into hysterics – «Do not give! Do not let!».
   Capture the Crimea by Russian troops, expansionist intent on mainland Ukraine is not just caused outrage among Ukrainian citizens, it fell on the driving wheel waterfall blind faith in the holy friendship with Russia. The blood of those who died in the struggle for freedom red lights lit in the hearts of Ukrainian desire to defend the gains, is fragile, the right to a decent future.
   We are ready to fight. Our weapon – the regime of austerity, energy efficiency, consolidate efforts of all civil society around the idea of integrity. Intellectuals should lead the educational and informational patriotic movement. In addition to the media and the Internet, it is necessary to return to clubs, libraries, museums, bookstores , hold rallies , meetings , meetings . The concentration of the spirit of mutual support, trust, mutual bring the nation to a new stage of struggle against an insidious enemy.
   Put your friends, relatives and neighbors. Indifference – is the same sin as an offense as friend indifference is worse than an enemy attack.
   Our ground this spring should be sown rye, wheat and flowers.
  We believe in what is sure to come after a night of dawn. Nobody except us will prevail in Ukraine!

Tamara Markelova,
Managing editor the magazine «Oksamyt»

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