1    Ukrainian people after long months of confrontation with the regime of Yanukovych emerged victorious. This is our first real victory. After the collapse of the Soviet Union had the opportunity to make a final choice, and for many reasons – did not work. Lulling apparent freedom we were amused to independence. Being 22 years under the colonial yoke of Moscow remained under the watchful eye of it. Kremlin educators generously shared with the newly born state «vaccine debilizmy», broadcasting a television show for the mentally retarded, throwing blunt literature, extruding pop, imposing Ukrainian town and village the Russian language...

1-1     «Before going on a long journey — choose a cater-cousin» — so says the wise Ukrainian proverb. We have been looking closely at our cater-cousin named Europe for many years. And he has been looking at us too! And it still does not work to join hands and be equivalent associates and eventually friends in behalf of common future. Why is that so? Because only a third of Ukrainians consider themselves to be Europeans. But also understanding of their Europeanness of a small part of our compatriots is declarative and stagnant. And not to dive into the meanings of «top wars», which are continuing today in our government circles, it is necessary to understand just from what should integration in the European community begin...







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