51Spring 2014 will forever remain for Ukraine historic. Crushed bloody ice melted and hot in the heart of every Ukrainian stuhonyt pain. And the memory of the boys from Nebesna Sotnia, which is not bitter to realize until now updated – will live forever. Blood brother feeds the strongest memory and revenge.
Official figures on the number killed in clashes peaceful protesters and soldiers of internal troops on the streets of M.Grushevskyi in January 19 and on Maidan Nezalezhnosti in February 20, we are unlikely to ever find out. Because if recognizing-we will fly into horror! After this we will not be able to wake up, because the current burned Maidan Nezalezhnosti-it is our sad reality of black – not a dream ... All started from it, it all goes on around it. And a long way, but today we have a small positive changes at the level of decision-making and control over them.
Acquaintance with Olga Herasimyuk – journalist, community activist, head of t human rights department and equal opportunities NGO «Civic Guard», the former deputy head of the Ukrainian delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe – in the worst happened to Ukraine when going live history of the Ukrainian state when there is an ideological and mental growth of the people, the release of his spirit – thirsty, arbitrary and wise. When our eyes reborn Cossack ...
Thinking differently.
«What is happening – scary but predictable – Mrs. Olga smiled bitterly. – People really weary waiting and blaming it is not worth it. To analyze the reason of the first confrontation, first blood in Grushevskogo on January 19, and for nearly a month – February 20, a large number of killings of our people snipers can be long, and we all know about them. State led the man who held the power of your teeth and will not hesitate to be ready to shed human blood. Rivers of blood. Because it anyway!
And thinks that fear will solve everything. People will see on TV wheel faces and afraid to go outside. But people who are unarmed, standing against the wall dogs, clear, defends, knowing that somewhere out there sitting on the roof of a sniper and at any time can kill – compelling! And this man has finally realized that fear is no more. Never! Frightened and went in Russia.
And there where had appear a logical happy end, launched a new, equally dramatic story. And have a question from this reason to the General Procurator’s Office of Ukraine and the National Security Council. How did it happen that the state criminal and traitor released from the country? Until finally work in 5th of March the General Procurator’s Office of Ukraine and asked the official Russia to «pass Yanykovych to Ukraine». It’s better late than never. But he had many: escaped, made
an appeal (the appeal to the UN is now waving), ask Putin «to resolve the conflict» with the troops.
So today there are reasons do not delay to bring to responsibility the ex-President for treason.
He was the bearer of all state secrets and confidential information, including all of the armed forces of the state. When taking office, he signed this document exists in two copies and stored in the designated area. And what do we have? Citizen Yanukovych, ex-President of Ukraine, moved to the side of the aggressor with all the knowledge of strategic capacity of the state Ukraine. And there is no reason to think that he does not share them now with the Russian military command. So today it is necessary to declare a state traitor and start on this particular procedure. The first should be the competent authority for verification of the presence of the above document in duplicate. Second – Proceedings lawsuit charges move to the side of the aggressor. The court in Hague certainly awaits him then, it will be necessary for some time. 52
Today he was formally charged must receive from Ukraine! For the first time in history – ex-President escapes into a state of aggression and out from under the fence beeps so that his country came with the gun. State should require a traitor to the prison every mother, who now sits on the bed of your baby! For Yanukovych can kill it. And every parent. And every grandfather, grandson looks out of the window – for he again stood in the queue to military enlistment office».
Europe does not know us-because we do not know ourselves.
He was the bearer of all state secrets and classified information, including all turning-point in the history of Ukraine, oh, how much ... But the closest to what is happening today in the country had dealt with the comparison is bloody Krytu. While 1918 was also the end of January – 29 old style ... and winter, and the blood of young guys and missing and prisoners. Predict development or if neither is unbearable. Hoped only for a good destiny in God, and yet expect that
Europe will stretch out his hand. And protection will help embrace. She is dumb! Silent then – almost silent now! How is incredibly angry Ukrainian. But before you go suppressed anger and resentment in Europe need to ask yourself a question: Do we see ourselves through their eyes?» Geopolitics – a very complex instrument, – says Olga Herasimyuk – in which the relationship enters the world who is moving into the river – so difficult to comprehend. We want them, and therefore they are obliged to help. But all is not as it looks in reality. And support of the European community, which is today – is enormous. But there is another point that is worth considering. Extremely important.
We are people in government who do not understand the diplomatic language. And in order to change this situation, we (the NGO «Civic Guard» – auth.) were
present at the winter session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. And to debate the issue of Ukrainian speaking with members of the European countries that voted for the resolution. Spoke on behalf of our community organizations maidanivtsiv, arrested, detained lawyers and journalists. Politic of any international relations is always based on objective information system pressure, which results in a diplomatic outcome. I mean that we need to speak loudly about the problems to realize a world where we need protection. Europeans should know more about us. But there is a paradox – we know about themselves a little bit. We are constantly pounded for centuries, and we escape and go on by world ahead. This is the greatest strength.
And our protests – they are wonderful! But one should understand that Europe is where we want is not paradise, only opportunity. And every reach what he wants, only when have a strong desire and try.»
In order to pull out the roots of evil took a lot of time. Until today – it was not possible any generation Ukrainian .Can we? Weekdays show that there is great hope for that».
«For complete government reboot we gradually come to - smiles Olga Herasimyuk. – Now I do not see a candidate who would become head of state. I would probably «collect» qualities of various politicians, but someone one is not. I hope that the recent events in Ukraine pushed someone else. We are very much smart and beautiful intellectuals: professors Ukrainian universities, economists, lawyers, politicians. We just know little about them. Always cheaper to go the path of least resistance and choose the one who yells the most, is not it?». Watching how today cleared Ukrainian nation: despite the fear, pain, tears, and lots of losses – it costs! She is tired, but not exhausted – has become a force at all. It is evil, but without grin.
And in this sense there is a silent and invisible light of biblical truth that teaches us to love our enemies and forgive them.
Friendship appreciate more than love «I try to be a European people – Mrs. Olga is a palm in the «prayer cam» and smiles – the last chance to give to people. In people are as wrong, and as kindness. And each depicted more or less, the wings behind the back or devil’s horn instead of hands. So look through. Only when I see that this is indeed a scoundrel and repents. It is the limit.»
53Giving people a last chance, according to Ms. Olga taught her father, whom she believes that mentor, a teacher in life. At the mention of it in her eyes there are tears. «He was a simple man – appease sadness undertone woman said. – I went to sea on a fishing boat, but when I was born – he had to leave his career and came home to our Puriatyn. He was very principled and beneficent. And in childhood I thought that he read all books in the world. I also had read a lot – four years went into the library. Twice a day, changed the book».
Vices and virtues of people, it are extremely shaky and vulnerable energy levels. For several reasons: it happens that these concepts substitute for one another , it is – flaws most «dump mask» – become virtues and vice versa. And sometimes, for example, a betrayal of man can open up and occur quite unexpectedly. «For friends we always choose, in our opinion, the most worthy, – says Olga Herasimyuk. – And for friend never forgiven mistakes. Unit friendship is digging in , then is digging in. And the second is lost forever. Somewhat differently, usually with love.
Friendly unfaithfulness in comparison with amorous unfaithfulness is much worse. At least for me, because I appreciate friendship more than love. Love is – amazing. It moves the world it creates. Without it we can not live, but you can fall in love with anyone. Remember the words of Bernard Shaw: «If we did not like liars how little love would be for the world.» You can fall in love with the scoundrel, murderer policy of the Partia Regioniv (laughs). And if it will need we will find an excuse heaviest sins of a loved one .
People will love always – without it there would be no us. And so it always will choose for themselves towards light or darkness, truth or wickedness. The phrase: «everyone has their own truth» sometimes annoying attempts to cover up his own mistakes. “All people really lie – smiles Mrs. Olga. – I guess I ‘m lying, too, but a
bad actress and the right can expose. As said Exupery in «The Little Prince»: «when we want to say something witty, it seems like a little lie.» If I do it with a noble purpose, because know that my lie would save someone – I have not tormented conscience».
Cossack soul often makes someone through the merciful lie. Ukrainians always save neighbor, and now they are learning to save themselves. «I pray never adapts to the Ukrainian mentality principle,» none of my business. «There is still continued: none of my business – the first enemy encounter. Behold – a real Ukrainian!
Cossack – always understands her, his defense and his legal requirement. Today, you and I can see how it happens, because it is through pain and blood enucleates embryos Ukrainian nation and the state.»
About the Ukrainian said the whole world. Talking can be different, but the world now knows one thing: Cossack soul awakened.
This patient, but patience she had burst, so emotional, but this spring has a «cool head» is pagan, but now raises his hands to heaven in prayer to the one God. And asks for salvation...

Tatiana Zemliakova

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