51Spring 2014 will forever remain for Ukraine historic. Crushed bloody ice melted and hot in the heart of every Ukrainian stuhonyt pain. And the memory of the boys from Nebesna Sotnia, which is not bitter to realize until now updated – will live forever. Blood brother feeds the strongest memory and revenge.
Official figures on the number killed in clashes peaceful protesters and soldiers of internal troops on the streets of M.Grushevskyi in January 19 and on Maidan Nezalezhnosti in February 20, we are unlikely to ever find out. Because if recognizing-we will fly into horror! After this we will not be able to wake up, because the current burned Maidan Nezalezhnosti-it is our sad reality of black – not a dream ...

5-1   The book - an essential attribute of human civilization. We draw from it the experience of generations, behaviors, ways of thinking, acting, criticize, argue and doubt. This is a way of improving the human person, the possibility of intellectual conversation without a companion, filling, enriches and develops much better than some places real contact. Reading so will take root in the life of educated people, which was the same routine necessity like food or sleep. But, unfortunately, we have to state that the percentage of reading, thinking and educated audience in our country steadily decreasing...







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