91    It is known not enough about Taras Shevchenko of the period of «old» Europe. The «old» because studying the European contacts with Ukraine we can see that they were always: in war, oppositions, friendly relations, cultural relations, national liberation movements… in war, conflict, friendships, cultural exchange, national liberation movements. Near to us ... Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, the ones in the distance ? Austria, Denmark, France ... always in the palm of Ukraine destiny prescribes bright lines that drove us out of these states. As with many others! It was in Vilnius, where the end of December 1829 came as a lord «Cossack» very young Taras Shevchenko, he reveal in three little-known until today guises: portrait painter, mini polyglot and a man.

    These faces of his personality are linked during all period of stay Taras in Vilniu (ancient name of Vilnius  auth.).
   The first of this guise Taras Grygorovych Shevchenko describes fragment but quite bright and emotionally in one of his diary: «I often traveled with my landowner with carts and filched by that visits the portraits of various historical characters. There were portraits of war heroes is 1812. I collected those cheap little lithography and engravings for drawing them at my leisure.»
Such opportunity happened in Vilnius just a few days after arrival the young Taras Shevchenko. It was a late winter evening. Mr. Pavlo Engelhard and his wife Sophia went to a ball in honor of Mykola I name day. It was surprisingly quiet in house-everyone slept. Then Shevchenko quiet laid on the table his paints and choosing one Cossack Platov began with a peculiar inspiration copy. He engrossed and forgot about everything. And just at the moment when the young man began to draw the young Cossacks, who valiantly pranced around burly hooves horse of Cossack Platov, the door opened Engelhard couple returned home. From facial expression of landlord could see that he was terribly angry: his cheekbones described flabby tap, wrinkles on the forehead burned deep furrows, in the eyes jumped angry spark and question: «What the hell?» Instantly lord pined boys back and gave nine wakeners for that he could not only home but all city incinerate.
   Next day, Engelhard coachman named Sedor gave his gruel a barefooted Shevchenko in a landlord. Ms. Engelhard was unable to save favorite lad from such cruel punishment, because did not expect such behavior from her husband. That evening he seemed get loose. He brought her at home about eleven o’clock, although such fandangos, in honor of the enthronement of the monarch, always continued to gray sky. There was a reason of Engelhard’s spite. At that time, despite of the king’s interdiction, in a separate room always going gamblers for all night and played cards at a time when the woman had the opportunity plenty of entertain in a dance hall. The game could leave only in case when you are accused of fraud and put on the table.
   Perhaps the young adventurer Engelhard just caught for unfair game and expelled from the players. He returned to the property terribly angry. Ms. Sophia went quietly to her room, because also got from him.  To explain this behavior, Mr. Engelhard had one more reason. Although these circumstance few people consider.
   Although Mr. Engelhard considered the richest man at the time: he owned 160 acres of land (one acre equals hectare ) estate and a lot of money inherited from his father. But all that Mr. Engelhard with great pleasure, though not always with success, lost when in cards. He lived in a government apartment with Ms. Engelhard. For lighting they used government candles. It was a period of interruption with supply candles for officers. And it was just it’s time to interruption of supply of candles for officers. Redrawing the Cossack Platov, Taras burned only one candle. But whether could allow himself a farmworker?

   This fact completely distanced Taras from Mr. Engelhard and became intimate Since almost inseparable Taras was at the lady. One day famous portrayer Johann Batyst Lumpe from Vienna visited Vilnius. All the best-known and wealthy young ladies dreaming of a portrait of his authorship. He had a unique talent – he could depict a typical and imperceptible girl as an Aphrodite. But 55-year-old Lampe had one fault as all geniuses. After several hours of pose it necessarily delayed young woman in bed. Girls also, enchanted ability Lampe to see their hidden beauty, do not resisted. None lady, immortalized by the painter, could not resist ... Mr. Pavlo Engelhard knew about it. He was careful to «give» his wife Sophia to painter-lovelace. However, how he wanted it! If Lampe do not draw Ms. Engelhard - it means that it is in secular circles of contemporary Vilnius lost its status as one of the first lady. On the other hand was a fear ? Lampe draw Sophia Engelhard, then her husband will run with spreading horns.
   Mr. Engelhard found a solution: keep the fidelity of his wife with the help of Taras. All time relentlessly guy had to be near Mrs. And every evening, Mr. Engelhard demanded detailed reports on the behavior of his wife and painter. Shevchenko liked this mission awfully. First, he had chance to see how work a true artist, a little bit to learn his technique and style, and second, to prove his goddess that he betrayed her forever. That is why he always told Mr. Engelhard how modestly behaved as lady and painter.
   After that people whispered that Lumpe first painted all girls nude, and then paint out on their clothes. For this reason images seemed so alive and bulky. In ancient portrait of Sophia the authorship of Lumpe can see the same volume, whether it was something between them still talk historians and literary critics. Taras with particular trepidation following the orders of Mr. Engelhard not depart from Sofia, when he draws. Who would not like to contemplate their goddess nude? But there was one little thing: after painting by Johann Baptyste and Sophie often withdrew into another room. Taras kept silent about that relationship, believing that it fair revenge to Mr. Engelhard for his numerous adventures and treason.

   The best years of maturation young Shevchenko passed near Sofia, it is a large period ? from 15 to 24 years. She was a whole world for him- muse, goddess and preceptress. She helped him in all, they can communicate many hours about everything during long winter evenings. Sophia saw that young Shevchenko loves to read, so in the absence of Mr. Engelhard allowed him to use books from his library.
She explained often to Taras incomprehensible words in Polish. Just then Shevchenko acquainted with famous works of Adam Meсzkavych?
for two nights «swallowed» his two books published in Vilnius in 1822. But this patronage is not concluded with Sophia Engelhard. At that time the elite society was very symbolic own French. For Engelhard kept governess-Frenchwoman, who taught their children manners and French. They had learned elite and Taras. Subsequently fluent French make it honorable welcome guest at many high techniques of the time.
    The most pinching and unpredictable event in life of young Taras Shevchenko was the meeting with Polish women Jadvega Husykovska. At that time in Vilnius University taught is equally well known as Johann Lumpe professor Janas Rustamus. Sofia got to know about him from student-milliner Jadze Husykovska which brought a dress for fitting.  Brother of Jadze Franak studied in the proximity of professor Rustemas who later at the request of Ms. Engelhard will teach Taras Shevchenko. In general limitations, retired colonel Pavlo Engelhard had a special culture level and agreed to pay studying painting his bond. In such way they made friends.
 93  Jadzia came often to Ms. Sofia. Taras observed that she was unusual. Tall, slender, chesty, with long curly black hair and gray eyes deepest. He likes her fearfully. Although, tell the truth, he did not know how to approach to her. Still he did not know how become acquainted with girls. First this friendship connected through Franek, and then they tied Adam Meczkavych. With which surprised and gleefully Jadzia looked at Taras, when he-Ukrainian read by heart poems her god in Polish. Jadzia had Polish ancestry but after the death of his parents lived in his aunt in Vilnius. Jadzia had Polish ancestry, but after the death of his parents lived in his aunt in Vilnius. Though later she worked as a seamstress, was educated, and was interested on that time socio-political and cultural student’s life.
   In those years as and today tempested national liberation movement. A few years ago there was a terrible destruction. Many young people and members of society filomats and filarets were arrested and deported to Russia. Meczkavych also left the country. But now, the uprising spread throughout Poland. Jadvega as true Polack refused to speak any language except Polish. She knowingly broke Shevchenko, strongly urging the guy to renounce their own Ukrainian identity: only speak Polish and return t with her in Poland. By hearsay, after return to Warsaw Jadvega had a baby from Shevchenko, but these fact is nowhere confirm. In the interim Jadzia did not conceive her life without Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Taras is terribly impressed her strongwilled character and inner freedom. He sincerely admired those for
still could not break free for himself.
   Passed 1830 year. Jadze friends prepared for revolt. In Vilnius was a large Russian garrison. Taras was indifferent to the revolution, he did not want to fight for the freedom of other owners. He has only Jadvega’s love. In February 1931 Pavlo Engelhard departs from Vilnius to St. Petersburg to arrange accommodation for family and settle some issues with documents after his appointment to the new post of adjutant to the duke of Wurttemberg, who came to Vilnius with inspection visit. Then to St. Petersburg with Mr. Engelhard had to go Taras, but ran out to wish goodbye to Jadze before leaving and never returned. He wanted hiding with Jadvega and then escape stigma of bond. Lots of people done at the time the following: changed their documents and live free. But sometimes dreams differ from reality. Jadvega wanted that Taras associate with her to rebellious students. The guy refused because he did not want to go blindly against an unknown enemy. Then Jadwega tipped his to head of garrison in Vilnius. And send a boy as a runaway to owner in St. Petersburg. Terribly difficult was that way ... Needy was going eight hundred miles to St. Petersburg on foot. Completely wipe one’s boots. He must time to time attire it from one foot to the other, that not to freeze a foot.
  Since Taras Shevchenko remembered Jadwega with great bitterness and a heavy heart. He will love her a little more, will love... the only one that opened up new worlds and with which became a man. Jadvega occasionally will dream him and will tempt her black curls and mysterious holes into laughter. But since then, no matter how in love was Taras Shevchenko he did not believe either in the sanctity of marriage, or to the fact that women are able to be faithful.

Tatiana Zemliakova

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