91It is known not enough about Taras Shevchenko of the period of «old» Europe. The «old» because studying the European contacts with Ukraine we can see that they were always: in war, oppositions, friendly relations, cultural relations, national liberation movements… in war, conflict, friendships, cultural exchange, national liberation movements. Near to us ... Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, the ones in the distance ? Austria, Denmark, France ... always in the palm of Ukraine destiny prescribes bright lines that drove us out of these states. As with many others! It was in Vilnius, where the end of December 1829 came as a lord «Cossack» very young Taras Shevchenko, he reveal in three little-known until today guises: portrait painter, mini polyglot and a man...

8-1    The greatness of geniuses is always alluring and mystical... There is a wish to touch it or to inhale it from far away. So was always and so will be. And one of the genius figures not only of her time, but also of past and future epochs is Lesya Ukrainka.
...«I am not of sleepy character»
   One from the endlessness of sides of the phenomenon and talent of this woman that she didn't look for excuses and certain sanction to her principles, beliefs, was not afraid to think as thought, and was always ready to fight. First of all it had the bright manifestation in faith in nationalist ideals...








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