12-1Zhlob-art it is a new artistic phenomenon that emerged in Ukraine in 2008. Timid and unconvincing from the beginning, now Zhao-art is a powerful group that not only attracts glances, but also extends the range of like-minded persons, affects the mind and shape public opinion. «We do not want to live this way, we - against it» - every work rcdiates such slogan.
Ideologist and curator of redneck Zhlob-art - Anton Mukharskvi. The group of artists includes: Ivan Semesyuk An-driy Yermolenko, Oleksa Mann, Serhiy Kolyada, Serhiy Hohol Stas Volyazlovsky Nina Murashkina.
Anton Mukharskyi specifically for the magazine "Oksamyt" told about how Zhlob - art was created and how it is existing today. Our meeting took place at the exhibition of Zhlob - art in Art Arsenal at the exhibition Art Arsenal redneck art, developed within VIII ART KYIV Contemporary. Around - garbage and empty bottles , that played the usual typical interior of station snack-bar. On the walls - more than 350 works of zhlobists, kiosk with souvenirs - ceramic sculpture "Zhlob Vasya", t-shirts with corresponding slogans and catologucs.
Antin notes, that zhlobstvo in his mind became stable character after the Orange Revolution, when there was a realization that all achievements of Ukrainian people were shamefully used and vandalized by the bunch of nonentities and losers.
- That's when I realized that zhlobstvo - a diagnosis, - says curator of Zhlob-art redncck art. Especially as external processes coincidcd with an internal, personal cycle of showman. - Once in 12 years I have displacement and reappraisal of values.
At that moment, I like this (pointing to his throat) "full with" TV and all that is happening there. I decided I need to set up an artistic creation, which would be comparable over time and its realities. Most acutely I felt it with coming of the "young team" Cher-novetsky. It was madness - "pass" Kyiv for six carriages of buckwheat, carriage of tinned food and three carriages of oil.
But Antin needed like-minded people. And he found them. Ideologist says of the birth of a new artistic phenomenon in such a way: Once at the exhibition in the fund of Leonid Kuchma I saw the picture of Ivan Semesyuk "Bratello"and understood that we were like-minded people with this artis. I invited him to a meeting, became acquainted. That's how the kernel of Zhlob-art was created - tandem of Mukharskyi-Semesyuk.
Pictures of artists of Zhlob-art - ironic and straightforward story about that, what surrounds us and makes meaningless existence from life. It seems that there is no topic that would not have covered by zhlobisty: sometimes sharply, often unexpectedly, but never veiled, by allusions. They are right in the forehead reveal that, where they find manifestations of zhlobism. Artistic reflection of artists impress, suprise, make to laugh loudly or arose disgust-but no one is left indifferent.
I am- person divided into several roles, - continues curator of zhlobisty. - Anton Mukharskyi - it is pragmatic man who knows how to start business device. Anton Mukharskyi - a patriot who-loves his country and is a fan of all the processes that take placc here. 1 was born in Kyiv, but Ukrainian language came to me, at the age of 12. Orest Lyutyi - because the deputies began discussions about the state language. Not everyone acccptcd it, even the closcst people such as his wife. Very soon appear Anatoly Raps, which with his songs will answer all questions, which arc connected with modern show-business and such popular mega-stars as Hryhoriy Lcps and Stas Mykhailov. Than all women and girls which arc in love with them, maybe will understand something.
Zhlob-art auction «Sudaidi» took place in the 22,,d of November. According to opinion of experts from the auction house "Ducat" which helped with organizing and conducting, «Sudaidi" occurred the successful event because 50% of the lots were sold.
Our customer - a young, wealthy and educated person who earned millions by knowledge and brains says the organizers. It is free and happy people which though go by Rolls-Royce, but the dress simply. They live in a wonderful country houses, but the style of life is very modest. And we have such people.
Today Zhlob-art has big plans and even bigger perspectives. An-tin considers zhlobizm as zhlobizm phenomenon of global scale and is confident that it can be met within any part of the world:
- I now look as a researcher of African animals, which goes to Savannah to meet with some rare and endangered species. And I am not afraid of them, vice versa-is searching and is happy, if such are met on the way. Today I'm not afraid of manifestations of zhlobizm, although recently he was suffering from this disease.
Existence of Zhlob-art completely fell on the shoulders of Antin Muharskyi, who doesn't see this as a tragedy, but in the contrary considers it perfectly normal.
I learned how to earn money and know, what mechanisms need to run to have a commercial benefit. With no companions in Zhlob-art - I am absolutly free. All my projects have national bourgeois character and let to be independent in search, - reflects curator.
All funds received during the auction Antin plans to return for the benifit of Zhlob-art, for the realization of creative projects -exhibitions, printing of catalogs, and so on.
At parting, concludes:
The person should have several harmonized factors. First of all - seeking to know God and to synchronize own actions with higher powers. And it takes a lot to read and think about the essence of being. This is - the way, when person becomes aware of himself and his destiny. Next, it is necessary, that must be present the understanding of ethnicity. Personally I am against globalization and cosmopolitanism and take it snobbishly. In addition, you must have financial independence. Another very important factor selfrcstric-tion. Person for healthy and active lifestyle does not need to eat and drink so much, as our so much food and drink as our oligarchs permit themselves.
Here on such unexpected, but optimistic and enlighten note, we said goodbye. Business, friends, Yevromaydan artist were waiting on the curator and the artist. And I went home with my complicated thoughts and reflections, which were caused in me by this charismatic, uniquely gifted and talented, easy and friendly and very difficult with his outlook and inner «1» person, which everyone knows as Anton Mukharskyi, Antin Mukharskyi, Orest Lyutyi and very soon as Anatoly Raps.


Conversation with Antin Mukharsky was recorded by Natalia Sukholit

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