41    False in Russia – it’s a way of keeping the necessary changes that are long overdue. False in Russia – it is an attempt to shift responsibility for their failures on others to whitewash power. False in Russia is danger to Russia, so generating a hopeless hatred that erodes from within. False in Russia is danger for the whole world as separates Russia from the world.
    Informational war of Russia against Ukraine Today, the study of sociological studies showing relationship dynamics Russians to Ukrainian and Ukrainian to Russian, there is an obvious imbalance. More generally, such studies are different, you can see the following picture: about 90 % of Ukrainian and Eastern Ukraine, about 60 % of Western Ukraine Ukrainian favorable opinion of the Russians and the rate is stable over the years, more than 50 % of Russians bad attitude towards Ukrainian and this attitude is getting worse .
    So the poll confirms a very high level of peace Ukrainian and Russian aggression. In addition, the Ukrainian authorities have shown themselves too aggressive (non-nuclear weapons, the destruction of the Ukrainian army, servility in). Where from this imbalance of love and hate appears? Why Ukrainian Russians love more than the Russians Ukrainian? Honestly answer these questions, which have never even tried to do the Russian and Ukrainian authorities, we can say – the consequences of the information war waged by Russia against Ukraine with false, generating Ukrainophobia. Making the Russians hate the Ukrainian people without the use of deception in Russia would be impossible. And Russia starts to inaccurate and to wage war.
    The war of Russia against Ukraine has several components: trade, information war in history, technology. If trade and technological war lead to economic losses, the information war and the war in the history is not only economic loss.
    The main reason of casualties in civil protests in Ukraine 2013?2014 biennium covered in expanded that last for more than a decade, massive unbridled, cynical and furious information war of Russia against Ukraine. And the reason the information war of Russia against Ukraine – in Russian reluctance on behalf of the Russian elite Ukrainian recognize the right to self-determination and independence.
    Results of Russian information war against Ukraine would not be so sad, if not action oligarchic-police-gangster government of Yanukovych. As a result, the «cultural» policy of the government plus the East and West Crimea in Ukraine were split identification as Ukrainian television was limited in the East and in the Crimea, Russian television ukrayinofobske and vice versa. Representatives of the Ukrainian police unit «Berkyt», sent it to the east of Ukraine and Crimea, shot at people in the streets of Kyiv is that considered patriotic activists Square «Bandera» and «fascists». Representatives of troops said to the Russian propaganda.
    They broadcast hatred against Ukrainian gleaned from Russian TV. Prior to the incident, which took place in February 2014, about the fact of keeping the Russian information warfare ordinary citizens could regret politicians make their electoral support, experts comment on television, increasing their rankings and scientists explore it, and defend this thesis research as a whole as was in Russia and Ukraine, but now the situation has changed. After the events of 2013-2014 Holodomor in Ukraine of information war against Ukraine was not just unacceptable for Ukraine, it became deadly. This mortal danger start denounced to the Russian inhabitants of the Crimea and the Russians.
False destroys Russia 
     Ukraine is not Russia. Even in doltish reign bloody dictator Yanukovich in Ukraine, false appeared from two sources – Russian and pro-government channels. Graft 2004, when the Ukrainian TV channels promised never again tolerates censorship work. Essentially this is what saved the Ukraine today – the truth about the government slowly but surely this was losing power. In Russia, it is not. If the anti-people government destroyed Ukraine’s true, then in anti-people lose power false. But we cannot kill the false of Russia against Ukraine without killing false in Russia. The ideas essays Alexander Solzhenitsyn «Live not by false» should be reinterpreted today. Solzhenitsyn said that «violence does to hide except false, and the false can be maintained only by violence ...» But the current Russian government has invented a very modern scheme of violence, where it masquerades as concern for the state. In its basis is the process of waftage. It works in such way. The Russian government has economic violence (several dozen Russian families sell energy), and the money lead outside the public budget (private use of power and its surroundings). At the same time, of course, there is a hatred of the Russian people to the Russian authorities.42
    However, if this hatred directed at other people (say, they are guilty that we are so bad), the hate part is redistributed, and the government, as it occupied an important thing – it is at war with foreign enemies, and therefore seems to have a moral right to use unlicensed public resources and escalate the aggression of the enemies.
   Today, many countries have given repulse the Russian imperial hatred – Baltic States, Georgia, and now Ukraine. But hatred in Russia continues to be generated. Hate cannot be spent on other things, stay in Russia, accumulate and undermine it from within. False and hatred will destroy Russia, if it is not stopped.
    As far as possible is stop the hate and false at the individual level, as suggested at the proper time O. Solzhenitsyn? Today, it is not enough what Solzhenitsyn offered as a personal resistance false. It’s so tempting to just watch TV, «Dosch» and communicate in social networks truthfully, cut off from the rest of the world communication virtuality.
   Non-participation in false in non-crisis situation only accelerates the onset of the crisis, and thus the destruction of false. But in a situation of global crisis false in the individual opt-out is not enough. Russia needs a square where there is no hatred, which sought the truth, which collectively created meaning future. «Live not by false» today – which means get rid of not only the individual as collective false – Agitation and Propaganda, which is broadcast by the Russian authorities through TV news.
    Today, almost there is no the quality news in Russia. Instead of news is agitation and propaganda. The essence of this agitation and propaganda, generally, can be expressed in brief: a positive image of Russia and its government ( Russia most influential and most powerful in the world and the merit goes to its power), Russia is surrounded by enemies (all of them are bad – the U.S., Europe, Baltic States, Georgia Ukraine), and the government is fighting the enemies of the creation of the Russian Empire, Russian Empire – a paradise on Earth, and if all the nations Soviet in the empire return, there will be a kingdom of justice world, where Russia will become a world government again.
   Empire is the sweet heart of Russian archetype of the «Great Mother», which forces them to sacrifice truth and freedom. However, this sacrifice is useless. Empires in the world is no longer – in any case, such a model which propagandizes the Russian political elite.
I have a simple message of the Russian elite: stop inaccurate to people – empire will not. Looking for something else.

Sergey Datsjuk

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