The earliest masters of wine were the ancient Egyptians, who called wine and divine life-giving drink. Its use was a privilege reserved for members of high society.
Subsequently, the drink has become a symbol of vitality. And to this day it traditionally has a special significance in religious ceremonies and as a symbol of blood and a sign of divine influence – wine accompanies all important events: the happy and sad. In the Bible, this drink is mentioned 521 times!
 72  In Ukraine, the culture of viticulture and winemaking is known for many thousands of years. It is no exaggeration if we say that today one of the best and leading wineries in the territory of Ukraine is the «Prince Winery P.M. Trubetskyi», located on the shore of the Kakhov reservoir of Kherson region (village Vesele).
    It was founded in 1896 by Prince Petro Mykolajovych Trubetskyi the owner of Cossatske village, who laid the first vines on his estate, becoming a «pioneer» of viticulture and winemaking in the Lower Dnieper.
    Starting work in the office of Ministry of Internal Affairs, Petro Trubetskyi over the years has consistently held responsible elected officials, first district of Moscow, and then-the provincial marshal of nobility. And love to the land given to him from his parents was a stronger temptation any high rank. So Petro decides to take a noble thingproduction and wine making.
It was not just the prince’s whim. Having decided to take winemaking, Prince Trubetskyi sought the assistance of L.S. Golitsyn, chief winemaker of all feudal estates in the Crimea and the Caucasus.
Listening to his advice, the prince chose the land for planting, varieties of vines and planted 200 acres of vines at once exceptionally high table wines Riesling and Cabernet. Priority was given to a group of grapes Pinot – Chardonnay, Aliquot, Pinot Franc, Pinot Gris, who at his home in France provide a great table red and white wine.
   Studying and learning from experience of Lev Sergijovych, Prince Petro Mykolajovych particularly impressed providing winemaking staff, capable of creative work. In particular, the prince Trubetskyi shared the view of his mentor on recruitment. He believed that winemakers should not be artisans and artists of his craft, conthem to achieve the highest skillful blend of taste and aroma of wine.
Created Winery complete cycle, the owner has the emphasis on quality and endurance valuable beverage in barrels of French oak. The plant began the collection of wines and started the tradition of mandatory periodic production tastings, which invited the most experienced growers and winemakers. A few years Winery Prince Trubetskyi gained recognition, and its founder became known progressive landowner and winemaker of those times.73
   1900 World Exhibition in Paris wine «Riesling» received the highest award – the Grand Prix. And two years later winemakers Peter Trubetskyi were awarded the first Prize of Alexander III prefers Russian table wine: 300 gold rubles a year – «For exemplary culture of vineyards». This is not a complete list of awards. In addition to tasting company produced grape juice, which deservedly received in 1908 the highest awards at the exhibitions in Lemzali and Volmari. But is not destined Petro Mykolajovych many years to enjoy the fruits of their case. «Prince instantly and unexpectedly died in the prime of life, knowledge, energy and effort to serve their home country for a long time. We lost it is not only an outstanding leader of the state, society, agriculture, and particularly wine – death took charming man with a good sensitive soul who graciously treated to all, no one refusing to help!» – Said about P.M. Trubetskyi by the Committee of Imperial Vineyard Agricultural Society board member of the Southern V.A. Bertenson (Prince led this committee). After the tragic death of the prince in 1911, his case was continued to the eldest son of Volodymyr Petrovych Trubetskyi. After the 1917 revolution, viticulture and Winery Prince Trubetskyi transferred to state ownership and has been called – wine soviet named after V.I. Lenin. Growers and winemakers wine soviet continued the proud tradition of the enterprise: mainly been saved varietal composition of vineyards and wine production technology preserved classical way. During the Soviet period company received at international exhibitions and tasting 33 gold and silver medals. The special popularity and recognition obtained wines which in 1949 are the hallmark of Ukraine – «Oksamyt Ukraine» (Cabernet Sauvignon), «Pearl Barrens» (Aligote), «Naddnipryanske» (Riesling).
   At the time of independence our state the winery regained its historical name «Prince Winery P.M. Trubetskyi» and year after year resumes position in the international market of natural quality wine.
74   From the 2004 till 2011 conducted full reconstruction of the company. It passed exclusively to the processing of international grape varieties grown in vineyards located in the former lands of Prince Trubetskyi.    Advice on planting, selection and placement of varietal composition vineyards provide experts from Italy, France and Israel. The area of land on the bank, which is used in vineyards since the Prince Trubetskyi is 200 ha. Here you can see the seedlings varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Pinot Noir, PtiVerdo, Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Aligote. In 2009, the «Winery Prince P.M. Trubetskyi» entered into a long term contract on cooperation with renowned winemaker from Bordeaux – Olivier Degas. Specialist oenologist sure that the wines produced in the company, is a world-class wines and will be in demand not only in Ukraine but also abroad. Wine – product areas, or, as the French experts – terroir. That is why the farm produces wine is 100% from grapes grown in their vineyards, and can guarantee quality control at all stages of the birth of wine.
    In 1900 a historic building with a tower and a specific platform equipped with tasting rooms located administration building and restored eight galleries lower basements P.M. Trubetskyi used for aging vintage and collectible wines. In one of the galleries basements can not only see a unique collection of wines, which includes about 10,000 bottles, from which 7000 – a legacy of the Soviet period. You can read some drinks that are no longer available – vintage «Rkatsiteli Beryslavske» and «Muscat» 1980, eight bottles which have survived from the time of Prince Trubeckyi they have over 100 years!75
«Prince Winery P.M. Trubetskyi» it is a unique facility of wine tourism in Ukraine. On the territory of the winery complete construction of the hotel and restaurant for tourists. The creators of modern history «Winery Trubetskyi Prince» is a dream: not only create the best Ukrainian wine revive the former glory and enhance the historic chateau single country, but also to restore the unique historical object – Castle Chateau of Petro Trubetskyi.
    Currently, the winery is quite significant achievements in Ukraine have a rating of «Pride of the industry» twice in a row declared cabernet P.M. Trubetskyi «Brand of the Year»: in 2012 it was noted Cabernet vintage, and in 2011 – «Oksamyt Ukraine». Also legendary vintage wine are in the list of 100 best goods of Ukraine in the national rankings in 2012. Wine «Oksamyt Ukraine» was awarded the prestigious Gold Medal Tasting Competition «PRODEXPO 2012». Silver medal awarded «Pearl Barrens» and sustained «Chardonnay and “Riesling» awarded bronze medals.
At the end of January this year, started the season with a wine tasting boutique «wineries P.M. Trubetskyi Prince», which opened in December in the center of Kyiv on the street Velyka Vasylkevska, 68. To the present time, the company adheres to the traditions of the holiday classic winemaking. Indeed, in a competitive environment only the highest quality able to save the honor and good name «Prince Winery P.M. Trubetskyi» one of the best in Ukraine.

Yaroslava Zhuravel

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