61National Operetta Theatre is one of the best theaters in Ukraine. Although a few years ago life in it was hardly smolder. Ups and theater successes, not least related to its artistic director and chief director – Honored Artist of Ukraine Bogdan Strutynskyi.
Meeting with Bogdan Dmytrovych occurred in a difficult time for our country, which does not seem a place for arts and culture. However, the conversation touched many topics primarily purely artistic.
«Oksamyt»: – As you Bogdan Dmytrovych, assess the relationship of state cultural institutions?
Bogdan Strutynskyi: – I have always been confident and constantly emphasize this – we have completely reformatted relation to culture at the national level. This culture should be the basis, the foundation, not the superstructure. Over 20 years, we have always heard that it is necessary to build the economy, strengthen the industrial sector, and only then think about the culture and art. Here now are unfortunately disappointing consequences of this attitude. At all levels should be a clear understanding: a state which does not have the proper attitude to culture – loses...
«O»: – What are the steps in this direction has to take the new leadership the Ministry of Culture?
B.S.: – It is necessary to immediately open a green «traffic light» and begin to establish a culture in a more regulated legal track. Today there are many laws that do not work. Also among these laws, there are many inconsistencies and discrepancies. For example, if a theater – a non-profit organization, why do we have to pay? Even in the classification of professions absence names for employees’ theaters or galleries. In addition, the urgent issue of reducing the tax burden for cultural institutions. If I create a national product, why do not I get a tax break? I cannot say that government officials do not understand, but ... The situation has not changed. Our theater pays annually about 2 million taxes. Is not it would be to put the money on the development of the theater, the new performance? Ultimately, running effective mechanisms we could bring to the state treasury much more money. It’s very difficult to explain the cultural product cannot be measured
on the scale as a kilo of buckwheat, because it does not fit the traditional dimensions. Culture takes time and creates regulatory policy.
«O»: – Today, more and louder calls to that badly needs a law on sponsorship and patronage. Do you support?
B.S.: – We are talking about 20 years of patronage. But the law is still there, and all funds received from benefactors taxed on general principles! Such a state of affairs in the civilized world longer exists. Patrons strongly encouraged by the state at all levels – from the social to the material. Being a philanthropist -it is not just profitable, but also prestigious. Today, I say this: let’s set the rules. Or funding from the state will come in full for all expenditure items, or new laws should act to help you climb theaters, including with the help of sponsors.
«O»: – Is there a point of view, according to which the state should minimize, if not stop, the financing of many cultural institutions?
B.S.: – Theatre and so receives state funds only by economic classification code 1310, i.e. wages. I’m not even going to say what percentage of the total expenses of the theater it is. The question is: the state cannot cut adrift culture and art, for matter is hardly the economic situation will improve, but the devastating effects of such “frugality” could be disastrous. And if we want the circle of civilized countries, it is not necessary to look at their experience. At the same Austrian theaters on 90 % financed by the state and only 10 % they earn themselves. Even in Belarus 2 tickets to the theater included in the consumer basket.
«O»: – Are you agree that today many theaters are going through hard times?
B.S.: – In the last three months of Ukrainian theater became unprofitable, especially those who find themselves at the epicenter of events. And our theater is no exception. Yes, people are not going to play, as are not in the mental and emotional state. They have no special feeling that I was referred to as inner silence. Why Europe’s crowded theater? There is stability in the country, social peace and confidence in the future. Although the concert «You loved ...» dedicated to woman, held at the National operetta March 7 was sold out.
«O»: – I was lucky to get on this show. It was fantastic! They felt wonderful unity of the hall and the stage, the audience and the actors. Almost every statement was accompanied by applause Bourne. But the most touching were the last minute, when all the actors took the stage. The audience warmly welcomed by actors and would not let go. When you Bogdan Dmytrovych, welcomed the audience as the best and most loyal - even hard to describe how thrilled and excited audience took it!
B.S.: – Despite the situation, we continue to implement creative plans. Although, I must sadly admit that we have lost sponsors for a new production of Trufaldino» ... By the way, it is very difficult to predict what to expect in this direction in the future, given the realities and developments in society. However, March 27, viewers will see the premiere of the ballet – extravaganza «Carmen Suite». I will not hide the fact that such steps National Operetta a lot of do not understand. Skeptics point out that in Kiev today, there are two opera and ballet. Clearly, there is some concern as to the genre of our audience cannot go. But I believe that we will persuade it. I know that it is imperative to do in spite of all precautions. Only for do not regret for lost opportunities. I believe that the potential of our company – a huge, our actors afford the most sophisticated party.
«O»: – It is difficult not to support this view. At the concert, «You are loved ...» I did not recognize your favorite singer Galina Hrehorchak the «Kvitkovskyi Duet» from the opera «Lakme». Her voice was magical, and I thought, revealed in full force.
B.S.: – In the future, we will put an opera; it’s not only diversified the repertoire and allows revealing our singers, will further the creative and professional growth. Artist operetta and not be limited to keep the plane in any one genre. In «Carmen Suite» viewer sees a bright interpretation of the famous ballet staged by the chief choreographer Vadym Prokopenko. We go through courageous research sculpture movement and rhythm. The complex and contradictory characters, plot, full of passion and intrigue coupled with light and sound special effects, interesting scenery and costumes – all immerse the viewer in the world dynamic and impulsive Spain with its traditions, contradictions and unique color .

Natalia Sukholit