72    The earliest masters of wine were the ancient Egyptians, who called wine and divine life-giving drink. Its use was a privilege reserved for members of high society.
   Subsequently, the drink has become a symbol of vitality. And to this day it traditionally has a special significance in religious ceremonies and as a symbol of blood and a sign of divine influence – wine accompanies all important events: the happy and sad. In the Bible, this drink is mentioned 521 times!
   In Ukraine, the culture of viticulture and winemaking is known for many thousands of years. It is no exaggeration if we say that today one of the best and leading wineries in the territory of Ukraine is the «Prince Winery P.M. Trubetskyi», located on the shore of the Kakhov reservoir of Kherson region (village Vesele).
  It was founded in 1896 by Prince Petro Mykolajovych Trubetskyi the owner of Cossatske village, who laid the first vines on his estate, becoming a «pioneer» of viticulture and winemaking in the Lower Dnieper...

61National Operetta Theatre is one of the best theaters in Ukraine. Although a few years ago life in it was hardly smolder. Ups and theater successes, not least related to its artistic director and chief director – Honored Artist of Ukraine Bogdan Strutynskyi.
Meeting with Bogdan Dmytrovych occurred in a difficult time for our country, which does not seem a place for arts and culture. However, the conversation touched many topics primarily purely artistic...

6-1   There are few books in Ukraine which would contain and shine with the memory about origins of national spirituality, old Ukrainian language and, at the same time, could be called a masterpiece of the European book art. It is the case of our First Book or Pcrcsopnytsia Gospel, a jewel manuscript steeped in legends, secrets, and myths — there is no book which would be closer and more innermost book for every Ukrainian, the book which can listen, forgive and even absolve of secret and evident sins. And in order to make this sacral book, whose original is currently kept at the Institute of Manuscripts of the National Library named after V.I. Vernadskyi...







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