baldance    Already for 22 years we live in Independent Ukraine, and we are able to develop our own culture and start new traditions.
    One of the brightest examples of this is the Charity Masquerade Ball «Carnavalia», which becomes more popular each year in our country, gathering in it's circles diplomats, businessmen, politicians, representatives of culture, media and all who wants to dive into un-suppressed atmosphere of music and dances.
It's founders - International Charity Fund «Artistic treasury» headed by married couple of Yuriy and Tatiana Logushy, implementing this project 7 years ago, was primarily aimed to spread philanthropy in Ukraine, because balls are always embodied the noblest tradition - charity. «Carnavalia» - holiday of aristocratism, refinement, beauty, selected music, classical dance and pleasant inspired companionship, - is telling Tetiana Logush. - Other integral part of this event is it's charity orientation. This is the feature of the ball: dancing, people are making good deals!».
    Married couple Logush chooses their segment of culturally educational work. It is literature, of course. Gathered funds will go on «promotion» of modern Ukrainian word. It is important to note, that projects of the couple grow on the best European traditions.
    This year's «Carnavalia» will consist of three parts: official - Vienna, Ukrainian and traditional - the last part, which is representing the cultural heritage of some country. This reinforces ethnic ties and promotes cultural cooperation of our country and foreign countries. We will see with whom will get acquainted this time during the holiday!
Seventh «Carnavalia» will surprise even with bandura - miracle instrument, which has no analogs in the world. On bandura it is possible to play music of any styles and trends: classic, modern motifs, folk melodies. No wonder that people are saying: «When bandura is playing, even nightingales become silent». Live strings of this instrument broke through borders, having shown the world greatness and uniqueness of our national art.
    As for the main part of the ball - dances, «Arthur Murray Dance Studio» tried wonderfully well here. Known to the world, with 101 years of history dance studio willingly joined the «Carnavalia». According to the words of director the «Arthur Murray» Olga Struck, she and her team arc honored to contribute to the creation of culture of the ball in Ukraine. This studio takes volunteers-juniors aged from 16 till 25 years, which according tradition, will open with the grand «Polonaise» Vienna part of the ball «Carnivalia».
In a day or two «Carnavalia» will be waiting for everybody on the dancing event. Meanwhile, beginning from December dance preparation to the ball will start. Those, who wish have an opportunity to master Viennese and English waltzes, foxtrot, tango and Latin passionate dances. During the ball master-classes of kolomyiky, mazurka and polka will be shown.
     Festive event will take place on February 15 in the elegant Column Hall of Kiev City Administration. During magic night of «Carnivalia» Viennese Ball, Ukrainian Meeting of the Lord and all attractions of the foreign country - guest of the holiday will be mixed! Incredible atmosphere of the ball will be created by the orchestra of The State Border Service of Ukraine, graceful voices of the famous artists and bright dance numbers.
     So, it is time to think about the image, in which you want to appear at the ball, to prepare dress and to work through «pas»!