21    It is almost evening already. In the sky flying white dove, which is barely visible among the thick, black fog. Maidanivtsi basked near the barrels with fire, because there is damp and cold outside. All Maidan is paved with flowers. Everywhere there are photos with Heroes of Nebesna Sotnya. Candles are burning. On the horizon there is a burnt Trade Unions House «When it burning, we were here and saw how it started light up on different sides, that it was obvious that it is – arson. We observed the guy who was inside the building and tried to escape. First, he threw things from the window, and then the lasher and began to descend. We all stood there, worried and every second phoned to firefighters... ineffective. We could not help him», – confided memories Olia Proskyra from the Bila Tserkva city.
   All the fuss, everyone is busy with his business. In one of the tents sit a couple of girls and something lively talk. Tired but fighting. Not far from them, walking a man. He prepares soup. It is Mykola Makovetskiy. He is here from the first day of January.
   How did you feel during this time of struggle we can really achieve something?
– I think yes. But one day nothing will change. Earlier, people sold for buckwheat, with oil, honey, all that was offered. I think that this will never happen. We cannot retreat, it is necessary to go ahead. Man does not deviate far from the big pot in which the soup is boiling. His eyes are full of hope, but they are sad, look at them and see the soul. What people have experienced during this period, it is difficult to describe in words. Mykola is barely holding back tears.
What do you think which future wait on our county?
– I thing that will be better. It needs to win, remain steadfast to the last.
What remember for these days mostly?
– When they (berkytivtsi) down here, while the most affected. They thought that they win here. But I understood that we cannot retreat, it needs to go ahead.
– Mykola going to cure dish, it need to have dinner. In the next casting net sit a private entrepreneur Bogdan. He does not communicative. .
– It is still early to say anything, I done a little bit yet. But suddenly adds that all will change soon, as we stand here for a reason. «We will live better», – said no doubt Bogdan.
Why are you here on Maidan?
– I am engaged the animal breeding. I have to pay 7000 gryven for the government for a month, but my profit is only 4. I was always in debt. But if this money is spent as they should be, not for yachts, it is one thing, and now… how long we will suffer! Everything has to be honesty.
To the young man approaches a man and begins to talk about something. It is getting dark. From the center of the tent city throws a ball of smoke, there is someone...22
Indeed, if you go on for the scene EuroMaydany there, almost in the middle, there are casting nets where are the woman’s Sotnia. I approach closer. It heard girls talking. They just drink tea. Invite you to offer warm. There are three young women and one man in the casting net. He arrived to visit daughter and a son who went here from the beginning of the revolution.
«The son said that without me there is no cost if I do not go, I will not forgive» Leonid Mykolajovych Proskyra confined memories.
Daughter Olga in Kiev seven years already, she studied and now she working here. She helped cut bread and sausage, carried the tea and sandwiches. It also had to do to someone. Duty in hospitals. She helped as she could.
Are you proud your children?
– I am very proud! Leonid Mykolajovych looks at her daughter sitting beside and smiling. What do you want to see in the future after the revolution?
– I want to see people happy, smiling faces that we were all free!
Before the election, all but promised, and then they forget about everything. I was in Poland, I saw that there is life and what we have is a very big contrast. I know that we will live better!
At this moment on the Leonid face appears smile. Noticeably, he really takes pride not only their children but also to all Ukrainian people.
«We have suffered so much, because we have fought for the victims of this freedom, it really is not EuvroMaidan, it is Revolution Dignity. For us the peaceful protesters threw water cannon power, armed with batons, air guns, tear gas fighters, and on 19 January, began to use live ammunition, snipers shot just people.
We cannot step back and seem to continue to be sold for that buckwheat, be passive, indifferent. And fortunately, it does understand more people. There was a sudden leap in consciousness.
We finally began to feel themselves owner in their own land», adds the Leonid’s daughter, Olga Proskyra.
She keeps the tea, trying to keep warm. Suddenly her eyes stopped on the wall where hanging metal military helmet.
– Maidan very seasoned us. No more fear, confidently, but with sadness, says girl. When beside you carried hundred corpses… I had never perceived violence. Believe, we should not complain about how bad things are, we need to change all for the better!
How much has changed during Maidan. Someone in an instant turn gray had someone grew up, and someone realized that there are often friends can be enemies ... Ukrainians have been waiting for these changes. Put up with anarchy and tyranny, trampling the legitimate rights and freedoms, but everything has an end. They
believe in a better future. Just think and Olesia Tarasenko, she is also in the Women’s Sotnia.
– With such people, something definitely changed. No one just did not leave and did not drop his hands! Ukrainians will not allow the turmoil in their country. I want people to be happy, conscious.
I want them to remember thanks who has been a changes in the country. I wish that there were not a bribes, that was not corrupted government, everything to be clean and transparent.
Girls long sit before the fire, occasionally throw a few logs that are not extinguished. They have no fear, there is a conscious choice – without a fight will win. At first it was scary, they say, and it is not for ourselves but for others. «In those moments do not feel anything, do everything automatically», as always half-asleep says Olga. They left their own in the bottom of offensive, it died forever.
Now – this is not the carefree girls who were early. And they are 20–25 years, no more!
Not far from casting net stay a man in a black armored jacket.
Hi is from Lviv.
23– I am from 1st of December on Maidan, – says Vasyl Karpa.
– Have you been on the front in «clearing operation» days of Maidan?
– Yes, we kept the defense. What were in eyes people, who were on the other side of the barricades? Страх. We cough them and then released, because it was a
fear in their eyes. Do you believe, that it will be better to love in country
– Unless of embezzlement, if people will watch for it. Just we need to change the system fully. The system is not perfect. A few minutes man thinking looked into
the distance. Probable remember all who immolated their life for a freedom and adds:
– People should to be more honest, more kind to each other. They should become humane. Some people do not have to eat, while others just excess. And such should
not be. I think to keep some Union it needs to go strong country. Recently, the Poles, they said that they would be under such pressure did not do anything, so that people would have rallied. They are amazed that we have such wise nation . I’m sure that if a Maidan stay, in Parliament, at least, accepted a normal solution. If we were not here, there would again started the same. Hold a position, be responsible for your position, and be responsible for your work. Do you see any changes in people?
Look at Maidan! Do you see rubbish here? No! Because out people learnt to clear it and throw in rubbish-bin. Rather our government has learned. But let them know that two days and full mobilization. So they let him think where they go and what they come from. Let everyone is responsible for their job done! A voice from the stage of Maidan invites to an evening prayer. The woman walks with a hearty woven, wooden basket and treats everyone to homemade cakes. Kyiany continue to share clothing, food, medicine, shelter with maidanivtsi ... One more revolution day almost complete. But no one dispersed, all believe in a brighter, better future, which now depends on us!

Ludmyla Nesterenko