11-1 People, who are close in spirit, after the first meeting become J J true friends, strangers won't come together even after thou-W sands of meetings!» - a common expression that applies describes the creative tandem of the founders of the design Studio «Light» of Natalia Shevchuk and Svetlana Kubrak.
   These beautiful women are not only business partners, they are primarily alike-minded people, people who share the same desire to create beautiful with their own hands.
Probably, as fate would have it that in the difficult period of my life, when due to dishonesty of the previous business partner I lost almost all, God sent me to a meeting with Natalia. Now, I am sure that one should not be afraid of losses in life. Those who I needed for experience disappear from my sight. Those who are sent by fate stayed in your life, says Svetlana. - Natalia and I had a few hours of communication, to feel the commonality of our interests and kinship. So later we decided to try to realize the long-desired case together.
   At the moment of acquaintance with Sveta I had quite a different sphere of activities, far from being creative, I never dreamt that my passion for making something with hands could become a thing in my life in the future, - says Natalia. - So, I immediately agreed at the proposal to try to start our own business. Of course, I risked, but I have never regreted for all this time!11-2
   The idea was approved, the business plan was developed, it only remained to find premises and the most important thing is to choose the name of the design Studio. We didn't think for a long time, for revealing the essence of the ideas and thoughts of the authors could have only the word «Light». And now for more than three years of design Studio «Light» brings rays of well-being and sincerity, embodied in every product manufactured manually by craftswomen. Anyone who has ever came into the room, will not be able to forget the aura that reigns there.
   For us the main thing that the unique thing, which we create, will cause positive emotions of customers, and in the future - everyone, who's going to see it, will distinguish us among other. - note designers.
   With the love and sincerity of the soul, the masters achieve the desired result. Series of work — unique furniture — impresses with its view and the names: the sofa for a child's room «Dessert», made in the form of cake, seeing which you do not want to sit, but «try» it, sofa «Love Story», which looks like a romantic place of two lovers, cash chair, that symbolizes prosperity and well-being, music pop, touching which the magical melody sounds, and a lot of incredibly beautiful things.
11-3   It was with the creation of author's furniture that began the creative activity of our heroine. Unfortunately, the biggest problem that Natalia and Svetlana faced, was the unwillingness of producers to fulfill exclusive orders, for example, the sofa. There are quite few creative people on this market. According to the designers, now there are more than 100 sketches in their closet that cannot be brought into life.
   So later the women decide to engage in the manufacture of author's toys for children — Teddy-angels, dolls, decor and interior items that make the room unique, original and stylish. Customers and lot of work appeared, and yet women did not escape the feeling that the most important thing, what they wanted to do was still ahead.
2012 was a milestone for the design Studio «Light». Before Euro-2012 the craftswomen were invited to take part in the fair-festival «Ukrainian souvenir».
   Understanding that the vast majority of visitors are foreigners, Natalia and Svetlana decided to surprise their works made in the national style. Realizing that the true understanding of the Ukrainian culture is impossible without in-depth knowledge of folk customs and rites, without an acquaintance with national symbols and talismans, masters with all the enthusiasm undertook the study of the Ukrainian ethnos: found the relevant literature, the study of folk, delved into the essence of Ukrainian clothing, jewelry etc.11-4
- We had no idea how rich was the inner world of our ancestors, - says Natalia. - How all the things were wisely thought out to the last detail in seemingly simple things. For example, casual dress. It was sewed it manually, every detail of the cut had been designed in such a way as to be comfortable to wear for a young girl, and a pregnant women, a nursing mother of the child.
We fell in love with folk art of Ukrainians and understood - that was what we lacked! We wanted to do more than just transmit the essence of Ukrainians, national traditions and customs in things that we created. Indeed, it is not a secrct for anybody, that little of what we call modern ethno fashion, reveals its essence. Basically, this is just kitsch - poor things of mass culture, modern pseudoart that has lack of taste. Therefore, the main task that we have set ourselves was to create truly Ukrainian, designed in the best national traditions things.
   11-5So, it was a collection of women's ethno clothes from the design Studio «Light». They were not only dresses, but shoes, jewelry, handbags, and accessories. It is important to note that for their creatures Svetlana and Natalia use only natural components. The clothing is necessarily made of natural fabrics, the jewelry -from the leaves of corn and other real plants.
- Creating a collection of great importance, we have provided to one of the oldest Ukrainian symbols - the wreath. The image of a Ukrainian girl is impossible without well crowned with flowers head, - says Natalia. And few people today know that this is not only beautiful decoration, which forms the aesthetic appearance of the young Ukrainians, and first of all — it is an important element, the symbol of the Ukrainian life. Studying this topic, we found that wreaths which would fully comply with the traditions of the Ukrainian wreathmaking arc almost absent on our market.
   Those products, which arc offer on the shelves of souvenir shops, mostly do not correspond to the interpretation of the symbolic protection the value of all the wreath and their individual components, - continues her observations Svetlana, - there is evidence of ignorance in the selection of colors, tapes and other materials for them, ignoring the centuries-old traditions in the creation of wreaths for different age categories and rites. So we decided to do a wreath, which would be a «prototype» of headdress of our ancestors, that symbolized innocence, purity and love, and was primarily a talisman for girls.
   It is pleasant that in such dress the Ukrainian national costume, designed by Studio «Light», Sofia Onopenko from Kiev won the third place at the XIII International festival of culture and arts «Little Miss World 2013» in Antalya (Turkey). The girl became unconditional favorite in the competition demonstration of national dress defile.
  Members of the jury were unanimous in saying that the Sofia's clothes the most clearly revealed the full flavor of Ukrainian national costume. It was the best proof that we had chosen the right way, - say the masters, -and, of course, great stimulus for further creative work.11-6
The latest novelty from the design Studio «Light»; is incredibly beautiful - it is the bride's wedding dress. It surprises simultaneously with its elegance and simplicity, interweaving contemporary and ethno style, comfort and elegance. This dress is better than costumes of any brands and will be forever remembered by all guests of this grand event. Customers feel that things created by talented hands of designers Natalia and Svetlana are not for a single use. They can becomc a family heirloom passed on from generation to generation.
  Svetlana and Natasha have great plans for future. And I am sure they will make all the plans come true, because the secret of success of the masters of design Studio «Light» in their everyday hard work. However, talent is a handicap, given at birth. But if it is not developed by daily workouts, it will remain at the level of «extraordinary ability», but not more. Talent without diligence only hope, the only open door to the great results, but you need to go through this door: to enter it with your own work!

Yaroslava Zhurarel

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