101 Valery Kozub belongs to the cohort of young artists, fortune and career make up surprisingly well. Now the artist is trained in graduate graphic workshop of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (NAAA), but soon come to an independent artistic path.
  His story – atypical, since it entwined by various factors: the amazing and momentous occasion’s fantastic persistence and hard work, and most importantly – fidelity to the chosen creative restlessness that collectively help to search for and establishment of a creative person. alery Kozub was born in Zakarapatye in a large family. The unique nature of the region and superior moral values that parents have instilled Valery from childhood, helped shape the particular view of the world and helped unleash abilities hidden in boy. Valeryi says that his mother – an architect by training – really wanted to one of four sons became an artist. And Mom’s dream embodied by him.
   At first, Valery studied in Uzhgorod College of Arts named Adalbert Erdelyi of Zakarpatye Art Institute in the Department of Design.
  This is the more practical choice advised familiar. However, soon began to show Valeryi creative disobedience, bending to painting and drawing. The artist says that he never had to design a special commitment and desire to create graphics and paintings were passionate and passionate.
   Nobody knows how to shape the fate of Valery Kozub, but meeting in College walls of People’s Artist of Ukraine, President of the Academy of Arts of Ukraine and the rector NAFAA Andrew Chebykin was fateful. Renowned artist and teacher known who came to the college to review theses, spotted and inspired self-absorbed young man. Andrew Chebykin not just advised to continue their education in Kiev, and strongly supported the young artist never left unattended. This little touch to the portrait of the famous artist, at first glance, may seem inconsequential. But it’s behind a huge responsibility of the teacher to be capitalized, a citizen and a person daily and hard work that helps to identify young talent, they seek out the most remote corners of our country.
   Graphic works by Valery Kozub pay attention-grabbing complicated pattern and rich stories. Large -sized etchings Valery Kozub it is a rarity, which is not often the case today in the exhibition halls. Complex and laborious technique that requires little skill and virtuosity has attracted artists. But acquirement the art of etching – is not only goal of the young artist. With this technique it has its own vision of the world and rethinking, expressiveness and gives it new life. Valery describes a graphical improvement just as» Graphics worldview”. The first thing that catches your eye – a series works on Biblical subjects that are difficult to perceive only as works of art because they have invested a lot of feelings, emotions and commitment. Religious subjects face before the audience as a confession, above all, to himself. And then, each of us plunged into a beautiful, clean and open world of faith, hope and love of the Creator, which is full of the author’s life and he strives to bring lovers of beauty. It feels that the artist approached the subject disclosure carefully and elevated. It is felt that Valery Kozub rampant in search and thirst for creativity – invincible. It seems that he still cannot stop and constantly seeking to improve stories, make new elements and details to be posed is already saturated space of copperplate.
   Another part of the creative graphic works of Valery Kozub is dedicated to the heroes of literary subjects. This is due to childhood talented artists, who shares details of biography and notes that his childhood taught to Ukrainian classics to today, he reads a lot. His favorite authors Vasyl Stefanyk, Mikhail Kotsiubynskyi Lesia Ukrainka, Ivan Franko. Amazingly, given the preferences and aspirations of today’s youth! However, the young artist with the works of these authors looking for answers to the questions receives inspiration and enjoyment. Moreover, it is identical with spiritual experiences and motives questioned.     Valery Kozub remembers one time when he left home and went to study in the big city, he helped «Intermezzo» of Mikhail Kotsiubynskyi.
– In this work accurately describes the feelings of a young man – sensitive, vulnerable. When I was in Kiev, I felt similarly not protected and embarrassment as hero of Mikhail Kotsiubynskyi. Then, remembering this story and after reading it again, I realized that all my doubts and fears quite natural. Awareness of the situation in which I found myself relieved, added strength and now I cannot imagine for a better city to live and work than Kyiv – says Valery.
   Etching technique is very complicated and fast approach it in order to realize a bold creative decisions in life – is impossible. A schedule admired etching, except that they should be fine draftsman must thoroughly possess all the secrets and subtleties of technique. And, by the way, varieties of printed graphics (etchings – only one of them) are very much. Hence, all mastered and found your most suitable and appropriate mental moods and ideas, the kind only after numerous attempts and hard work, we can safely go in this direction. Valery Kozub chose a classic etching.
   Today, the young artist is poised for a new period in my life. Soon postgraduate left behind, and Valery will be alone, not only with their own creative pursuits and aspirations, but also to the whole world with all the delights and difficulties, the rise and fall. However, Valery Kozub convinced that his destiny – the art, no matter how complicated and unpredictable it is. Believes that so it was destined, because this is his soul and heart says.

Natalia Sukholit








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