101Valery Kozub belongs to the cohort of young artists, fortune and career make up surprisingly well. Now the artist is trained in graduate graphic workshop of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture (NAAA), but soon come to an independent artistic path.
His story – atypical, since it entwined by various factors: the amazing and momentous occasion’s fantastic persistence and hard work, and most importantly – fidelity to the chosen creative restlessness that collectively help to search for and establishment of a creative person. alery Kozub was born in Zakarapatye in a large family. The unique nature of the region and superior moral values that parents have instilled Valery from childhood, helped shape the particular view of the world and helped unleash abilities hidden in boy. Valeryi says that his mother – an architect by training – really wanted to one of four sons became an artist. And Mom’s dream embodied by him...

11-1   People, who are close in spirit, after the first meeting become J J true friends, strangers won't come together even after thou-W sands of meetings!» - a common expression that applies describes the creative tandem of the founders of the design Studio «Light» of Natalia Shevchuk and Svetlana Kubrak.
    These beautiful women are not only business partners, they are primarily alike-minded people, people who share the same desire to create beautiful with their own hands.
Probably, as fate would have it that in the difficult period of my life, when due to dishonesty of the previous business partner I lost almost all, God sent me to a meeting with Natalia. Now, I am sure that one should not be afraid of losses in life...

10-1   Our acquintance with the famous Kyiv artist Halyna Bodyakova happened on the eve of her personal exhibition of paintings within ArtAsters art project founded by law firm «Asters» together with US-Ukrainian Business Council in 2009. The charity project is a charity called upon for to support, promote and introduce Ukrainian art.
   Halyna Bodyakova was born in the town Putyvl of Sumy Region in the family, where each grandfather and greatgrandfather had a creative talent. Halyna's father - professional artist, her daughter is also the future artist, currently studying in Kiev State Institute of Arts and gives great hopes...







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