9-1Her eyes are brimming with the ineffable grace that is light, easy and childishly sincere. And despite her fragility, this girl is extremely strong and purposeful for her dreams that are in harmony with her colour like a rainbow. Each of these has many shades, spectra and values. Natalia Valevska advises to dream for all clearly articulating their own desires either in imagination or on the map of dreams. The songster tells that being a child she has being dreamed too much and always knows what she needs in. And therefore, the dreams did not force to wait for them and just had committed. «And now I have the Map of My Dreams framed in a material form. But what it contains of — I cannot tell, it's my personal world and let to a lot of people enter to it I consider it is dangerous,» — Natalia is smiling.
In this December Mrs. Natalia Valevska, songster will celebrate the 10th anniversary of her creative activity. Nobody knows where those years came from — how fast the time went by. But her achievements arc countless. Three albums were released; there was a debut at the Vienna Ball where Natalia unveiled Ukraine at first time. A few years later Natalia took part in the «Moon Cat» International Festival (Llorct dc Mar, Catalonia) and was awarded as the Woman of the Third Millennium in Ukraine. A landmark event in the Natalia's creativity was the First Prize of the Alia Pugacheva International Song Contest «Alia discovers the talents» and further invitation to the Christmas meetings. And that is not even half of what is done and how much is passed by this little decade. It is not possible to retell about everything. The achievements inspire and require moving on ahead - to such places where the new horizons and new worlds are glowed by the victories. Although, according to Natalia, there are not so much at the moment the international performances and meetings. Only Kazakhstan has recently met her warmly and welcoming. She with her team are basically giving the performances on the tours only throughout Ukraine and preparing for the anniversary recital to be held on December 15 at the Palacc of Ukraine (in Kyiv).
«My schedule is extremely dense and busy - Natalia tells. - Within a month I have had 18-20 performances. I wish that most of people in particular of Ukrainian audience will take opportunity to hear me alive. Live performance and quality music is a key to the development of aesthetic taste of the listener. A live chat - there is no way.»
In addition, the fourth album will be coming soon. Its title is in progress and kept sccret in order to make another surprise to the fans. Love is a pervasive theme in each of the three previous albums of Natalia Valevska. Love exists in the fullness of emotion, in versatility and unpredictability being at the same time happy, and unhappy, confessional, funny and playful. But it is always deep and sincere. The new album will not be an exception, since it is not possible to have sung of love in full. It is always new, desirable and exciting. But the most interesting news is a song recorded in duct with Abraham Russo.9-2
Art and music for Natalia Valevska are inseparable from charity. Helping people, especially children - to all who need it, Natalia considers her commitment and the vital part of her mission. And despite the tight tour schedules she makes many warm with caring. «During the concerts we always put a box for charity donations, and then these money are used for purchasing the necessary equipment or things for orphanages of Ukraine, - the songster tells. - Recently we have purchased a computer for kids of the Khmelnytskyi Oblast Orphanage; some necessary things were donated to the Rehabilitation Centre for children with Down syndrome in Kyiv. Then, according to our schedule, the Luhansk oblast orphanages and centres will be donated. We are trying to do so that our assistance is targeted and comprehensive, means not to one child, and to all who need in it. We do our best in order to ensure that our Ukrainian children, especially those with health problems, can be developing, grow spiritually and have a bright future. During this time there were many dragging meetings with children making a heart simply overloaded with compassion, gratitude, mixed with some gentle light of grace, when anybody wants to hug the entire world. The same I felt in Zaporizhzhia, where the pupils from boarding schools, the deaf kids with digestive problems had prepared for us a concert where all the songs were performed in sign language. We could not fight back our tears. And in such moments I understand how life runs fast, how many opportunities compared with those kids the Lord has given you, and you by concentrating to unnecessary details are not using them. But this kid must be happy in life and I will make every effort to do so. Another case remains in my memory: I recently met with my supporter, who is diagnosed severe cerebral palsy. Ten years he was waiting for this meeting. Wc had talked for a long time and many wept both. It was an incredible moment for both him and me. Each member of our family has strongly observed the Christian traditions and kept them. My grandmother taught from childhood to pray and help people. Thus, I always like to give more than take. This feeling cannot be compared with any other, when as if you are filled out with light. And if you are a true Christian, you always have to keep track of how you live: what you are talking about, what you think of, with whom you are communicating, to whom you help or to whom you do hurt or offend.»
«Heart to Heart» movement, "The Grand Polish Orchestra", «The Stars give hope» charity programmes and so on are among the projects in which Natalia Valevska is being engaged at the moment. In 2008, the songster was awarded with the St. Stanislaus Order for charity, and in three years - the St. Barbara Order of the Second Degree.
Although to come to the realization of who are you in this World by vocation, how you arc perceived by people and how you perceive them, Natalie has had to learn and engage self-education. «1 once was hard to admit my own mistakes and ask for forgiveness - Natalia says. - Now I can do it easily, because it became clear to me that the recognition of our own mistakes is improving and temper the spirit, and, additionally, in a certain sense, wisdom. Any human being is happy only when he/she loves neighbour and, certainly, him/herself.»
According to Natalia, the amateur approach can irritate her a lot.
And to the question of how she is recovering from stresses, concerts - especially emotional, responds that she most enjoys bathes
with added aromatic oils and meditation. Sometimes the songster is looking for support in prayer by addressing to the Blessed Virgin, who in the most difficult moments and moments of despair gives strength and calm. «The most effective prayer is that comes from the heart» - Natalia assures.
She is such person, who has at the heart of an angel and keeps the world, faith in a better tomorrow, and the mission of each of us in this world becomes clear. Because for good deeds, ability to pity, sympathize and help everyone who needs in it, we will be repaid a thousand fold.

Tetiana Zemliakova

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